Monday, November 8, 2010

saying goodbye to my best friend

He was the best dog a boy could ever ask for. A ball of unconditional love that would wait all day long till I got home from school to come rushing over to me and lick my face off. For ten years he brought nothing but smiles and joy to our home. I grew up with him. He took me through my hard times in elementary school, and was my best and only friend then. He stood by me through middle school, and over my summer in europe stayed mostly in my room until I came home. Cheered me up after every loss, provided me with more than anyone will ever know. For ten years he has been my best buddy. Never slowing down until this last week. His belly became bloated. Today my mom and dad picked me up from school and we drove him to the vet. Though he had been slow and slept through most of these last days he was as frisky as ever on that car ride. It was as if he knew he wasn't gonna sick around much longer and wanted us to remember him for the happy dog he always was. The vet told us the worst as you could imagine. Not wanting him to suffer we knew what was best to do for him at this time. I gave him a big hug and cried as he licked my face. His eyes said "I love you" and we said goodbye. Im crying right now writing this out as you could imagine. Life wont go on easy without him. Tonight will be my first night at home sleeping without him, tomorrow will be the first morning I dont feed him and get a good morning lick from him. it will also be the first day I come home to silence instead of his happy clicking claws on the floor and jingling tags coming to meet me.
After ten years of living with, and loving this little guy this is the hardest goodbye ive had to make.
Where ever he may be I hope he knows just how much I love him and how much I miss him.


  1. hey bud really sorry to hear about this. if there's anything I can do lemme know.

  2. Tyler,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your buddy. I have tears in my eyes . I have been there and it is one of the hardest things I have ever done to say that last good bye. The feeling that you here them coming and expect them to pop out from somewhere is one of the saddest feelings I have ever had. It will get better . My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. Sorry to hear about this. You lost a family member, so give yourself a chance to grief.

  4. My parents brought a dog home the month I was born: a half sheltie/half collie, mostly gold and white but with a brown streak on her nose so they called her Cinnamon. Cin wasn't allowed on my baby blanket, and to her that meant I wasn't allowed off: if I crawled to the edge, she's sit in front of me and make me turn around; as a herding dog, she'd do this for hours. My mother quite literally used to let her babysit me.

    She died when I was 18, which is really old for her breeds. Even then, she was still climbing hills and chasing squirrels when she felt up to it. So, I know how it feels to lose a life-long companion, and you have my condolences.

  5. my heart goes out to you ty....
    ive been there too, standing nervously at the emergency vet waiting room counter in the middle of the night, getting some awful news and having to make that difficult decision...
    pets are wonderful support, they are often out best friends, or our only friends and they love us unconditionally....
    im sorry for your loss....
    [biggest hugs]

    ~ cheers...