Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Haiku dump

I just got bit by the haiku bug and had to shoot out a few of them to insure I could live another day...not really, but you get the point.
Heres ten.

First period done
Zamboni comes off the ice
second period

you should play hockey!
what do you play when your fat?
you should play goalie.

so much snow to shred
two feet in a night, thats nuts
lets go boarding NOW!

(European opinion)
The US is dumb
the imperial system
need I say much more?

My skates are too sharp
they cut a hole through my bag
cover your blades kids

the rental skates suck
they have toe breaks and look dumb
I bring my own skates

they play good music
they are playing cold play now
never mind they don't

Mercator is best
NO Gall-Peters is better
you're both idiots!

locker room chatter
"dude your stick is really cool"
sounds pretty wrong eh?

this is not a horse
this is a zebra dumb ass
Racing Stripes' plot line

Couldn't keep a theme going like I had hoped. I feel that should hold me over in the 17 syllable japanese poem department for a while.

(that in haiku form)

Couldn't hold a theme
I had hoped I would do that
I think I'm done now

"I am down right amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer" (17 syllables)


Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Romantic Side of Hockey

If any of my followers subscribe to The Hockey News like I do you will have seen the latest head line already. "Is Hockey Dying in CANADA?" it says, "Special Report: By 2016 at least 30,000 fewer kids will be playing the game. A national identity is in peril" After reading though that particular article I remembered the film Pond Hockey (if you haven't seen it kill an hour and watch it here, its very good. There are a few guys who discuss what I call the romantic side of hockey. Its a side I wish I grew up with, and so many lucky Canadians do. One would think that with frozen ponds and plenty of ice that hockey would be booming in Canada however its falling apart. Why? The loss of the romantic end. Somewhere in my mind there exists this kid, weird as this may sound, his age is always changing sometimes hes my age sometimes hes like six never younger, and he lives the life that I have only dreamed of. He lives not in California but somewhere cold, somewhere with long winters. He lives in a place where pond hockey is a regular thing, where I guy can slip out with his friends and enjoy a day out on the pond. They play hockey to play hockey. There are no coaches barking down their necks, they dont care if they win or lose or feel guilty if they mess up. Thats the kind of hockey I wish I had. Thats why I take all the chances to play pick up when I can. Even then I feel like I have been brought up in the hockey world that is full of great expectations that never come off of you. Even when im playing pick up there still seems to be that figure burned into my brain that torments me when I mess up, and even when Ive done well tells me I could have done better. That 50's style pick up game needs to come back. Too much is expected of kids who play just to have fun. I remember being 10 and for the first time feeling like the game was more than a game. I was expected to do a particular number of things on the ice. It stopped being a game and more like my parents asking me to take out the trash... bad coaches make the game a chore. Though there are crazy coaches out there who put far more burden on their teams than they should some good ones exist to. Most of the ideas im talking about come from a few recent coaches I have had as well as team sponsors and just level headed team parents. Hockey is a game and should be treated as such. To call it anything else is to suck the fun away from it. The minute you are expected to do anything but play, score a few points, maybe win, and have fun while doing it, its no longer a game and thus no longer fun. "Let the kids play" is something one of those level headed team parents told that one crazy coach I had. Around school I hear kids talking about their sports. "ugh I have [SPORT] today, we need to do [DRILL], and [DRILL] it sucks!" Sports shouldn't be like that. I ask them "why play if you hate it so much?" they say "well games are fun when you win but practice isnt". Again why must we make our sports a chore? Other kids hear that kind of talk at school and they wont ever want to play. I started playing because I heard kids at school talking about hockey and how much fun it was and their teams and stuff. Quite frankly it sounded like so much fun that I was jealous. Thats how it should be! Make kids want to play dont scare them off. Thats why I stopped playing baseball on and off; too many scary coaches who demanded too much of my young self. Sports should be an escape not a bit of work you do on the side that you kind of like.
Wood stick in hand, skates on tight, favorite jersey on, puck, and frozen pond. Add friends and some makeshift goals and you've got it made.

Winter Break written 12/17 @ 9pm

YEAH! Its winter break for me starting today! I haven't got any homework nor do I have any obligations I feel less than enthusiastic about! Im pretty excited for all the awesome Ive got planed.
I just got back from a bit of skating around with that hockey goalie buddy of mine. We went to my favorite restaurant that plays hockey and when we got in it was all basketball and I was WTF! Then one game ended and the Blackhawks Vs Redwings was gonna take its place and they changed the channel to another game!! BOOOO!!

All set to go up to those mountains for some shreadin! Glad I was invited to go.

Should be a good time. Im going with that one guy I called the french canadian. Hes been a pretty chill new friend as of late. Ive been making friends frighteningly easy these days. Ive always been told im a very affable person however these days one would swear I am a conversation magnet. It has left me fairly surprised as I have never had such ease in meeting new people as I have in recent months.

My latest evil genius project was finished a few days ago. It is a Free-To-Air satellite receiver. I picked up some Canadian programs. One was a documentary on the beaver. Then some Japanese news, and a repeated BBC signal. They played this song and now its been stuck in my head for a while. Its pretty cool whats out there for you to pick up. I finally made this whole thing official and working though with great clear picture. I found a 24 hour Japanese weather channel that shows ski conditions and has running slides of people snow boarding and skiing. That has just added to my excitement.

Thank you to David for this bit of laugh inducing video!

Alright well thats the latest.
Hope that all of you are doing well and that you all enjoy a safe and happy holiday.
Stay in good heath, be well. All my best goes out to you all.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Awesome!

Urgent Eagle Project Update:
Not really urgent but I thought id let you all know how its been coming. I am now in the final stages of that schniz! Wooo! I dont remember if I even mentioned when my project was but that was a while ago. Its been a nice long journey of submitting paperwork and getting a great big binder of stuff together since then. That will be a nice thing to have off my plate and the rank of Eagle a nice feather in my cap. Pretty cool stuff.

Yeah thats right. Its snowing on my page! The winter months are upon, the heater is blowing, its noon and its 53 degrees outside (remember thats cold to us california goons), there is snow on the mountains, cider in my cup, life is good.
Winter break approaches! I noticed I totally neglected to tell you about the excitement of...Winter Recreational Hockey!! Thats been going on for a while now hasn't it? I think I said something about a practice or bit of ice time we got. Idk why but all that seems to be in the back of my mind as of late. You'd think it might be at the front of everything, but its not. I cant say anything is ahead of anything else at the moment. Life at current is a cloud of excitement, and thats probably my favorite thing about winter is its endless excitement (so long as the cloudy wether doesnt make you severely depressed, st johns wort ftw!)
either way I think you should know by now how the hockey situation works over here. I do the rec thing in winter then my school season starts in late spring should I chose to ignore Mr goon and play then.
My friend offered to take me up to the mountains with his family to go snowboarding over break. I accepted with out hesitation! I pulled out all my boarding stuff, and its now in the corner of my room. Looking at it smiling right now in fact. I bought it last year after a few years of trying it out and loving it. I went a bunch with scouts no I go with friends. I tried skiing and it was fun but It felt less fun as shredding down a slope on a board. I went on this cross country ski trip with my scout troop a few years ago. That was pretty fun. I felt like a swiss alpine patrolman (Im probly the only one who can get excited by that)
To my readers (if any exist) who have been to or live near whistler...I envy you! One of these days I will go their for some winter awesome but for now I must stick with our local ranges. Ours aren't bad at all though. I think mammoth was ranked 4th best place for boarding (whistler being #1)
A bunch of places in France...check it out http://tinyurl.com/goshreddin
Its where todays picture is from.

Now im really stoked just by talking about it!

We put our Christmas lights up the other day, we get our tree this week. OH man I love the holidays. Seriously! I love the sprit most people have, the cool atmosphere most places get, I love giving gifts to people as much as I may enjoy getting some of my own.
Ill put up a play list of holiday music to enhance the mood...

You know what else is awesome this time of year? FLYING!
You bet! plenty of forces to bump you around so best watch out but when you know what you're doing its pretty cool. Night flying can be even more of a treat. All the houses decked out with lights. The whole city looks gold(ier). Spotting giant lighted outdoor trees is fun too.

Just gotta text asking if I want to go skate...HECK YES I DO! so Ill leave it at that.

Catch you all later in the week.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Soccer is the gateway to life structure says I

Soccer is huge here (where I live) and I dont really know why, It just is. I have given it a shot in recent months because a handful of my friends are into it and they like to force me out of my shell because they are the awesome type of friends who do that sort of thing. One of them is a bit older. I met him as a freshman a few years back when he was a senior. He and I hit it off well enough and we've been talking since then. Hes pretty into the whole soccer thing so Ive managed to learn quite a bit just from talking to him. I remember a few years ago playing soccer in europe and feeling like and idiot making some wild discovery. It was interesting to watch for a bit then they tossed me into the mix and I gave it a shot. In ways its like hockey, in others like basketball (the one sport Ive never gained a huge interest in). I can understand why they call it "the beautiful game". Its that type of rapid fire game the world seems to love. There is truly something beautiful in the way the sport is played...any sport for that matter. The mechanics of the human body being used in an extraordinary way. People say American Football is boring because its slow. Its slow but purposefully slow. Its a small organized war and is quite fun to watch once you figure it out. Its planned where as soccer is split second think on your feet type of stuff. Soccer is a battle where Football is a war.
So this soccer playing friend of mine wants to take me to this soccer center where there are a few nicely taken care of fields, pick up games and all that. Hes trying to throw me in head first "expose me to new things " as he puts it. I like people like that. They are the people I want to hang out with. Though hes only a bit older than me I still look up to him as a type of roll model to some extent. Ive never been the type who begins to imitate people I admire but I enjoy spending time with them because by doing so Ive found I become slightly more like them. I pick up things that they do inadvertently. I still am quite the independent person who thinks for him self as much as he can, but ive found that the only way I can be happy with my self is to improve upon my self by allowing in some influence from positive outside sources. I often wonder if my forced seclusion in my earlier years was a negative thing. Looking back at it, it couldn't have been good. I never really allowed my self to have heros or role models when I was younger. I simply had a vision of what I wanted to do never what I wanted to become or whom I wanted to be like. My family provided little to no inspiration as I never really have made much of a positive connection with any of them as much as I have some other people. I often see in my family what I do not wish to be. Ive found that though I hold quite a bit of merit on my own If I ever wish to survive in this odd male culture ive been born into I best keep to the standard male demeanor whilst in public. Thats my polite way of saying I mustn't do anything to fruit cakey. Ive been good about doing that for a while. In a way I am only confirming to my self that male bonding is okay in our mostly heterosexual society and that I will only be made more affable should I chose to give it a shot. In nature the younger animal learns from the older males that surround him. Im sure that at this point in my life had I been a cave person I would be doing just that in preparation for leaving the cave to join the hunters. It makes sense as I will soon be stepping out of my home and into the college life.
Is that empty feeling I felt not too long ago my natural side looking for affirmation to my male identity? Most likely.
odd how all that worked. A bit of guy time cures all for me it seems these days.
Thanks to you soccer friend for helping me and not even knowing it.

This song is pretty cool without lyrics. It works for me as a bit of a psych-up song
Its nice to appreciate music for music and ignore vocals for a bit. Thats why I like
foreign music I cant understand or classical/ non vocal music.

Ive been thinking of putting together a playlist to share with the bloggity blog. I will see when I can throw one together.
It might be work out music...It might be homework music...or essay music (lots of marches!)
or just general listening music.
I like music!!

alright well im off to go read for US History.
hopefully I wont have a dream about what ever subject im reading on again.