Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My hockey epic

In addition to this I would like to mention that I just finished reading A Separate Peace today and I can easily say it is on my favorite book list now. It was fantastic! Bummer is I need to write an essay on it later. errrg

So I do still keep a pseudo journal that I will draw crap in and put magazine articles in, music notes, quotes, random thoughts, calenders, phone numbers, false phone numbers, there is a shoe lace in there, a steamed off beer label...etc. basically this thing has a bunch of random stuff in it and one thing is this on going hockey poem/epic thing I started writing a while ago. I figured I would show off my artsy side and put up the first half tonight. I remember I wrote this before a game, the whole thing is pretty epic and as far as I can tell it fits under that category of poem so its still unnamed but I think we can just call it Tyler's Hockey Epic.

Give me my skates
my stick
and a sheet of ice
two goals
a puck
and the world is right

toss in my friends
and their moms and dads.
so they can cheer for us
from the grand-stands

add a Zamboni
but forget the ref
or at least give us one
without a stick up his a--

Here we go
skating out on the ice
we play with our hearts
and all of our might

Top shelf
bottom shelf
five hole

Keep the clock running
and the score up tight
Keep it up boys
we're gunna win tonight
© 2010 by Tyler/hkydude17

family = ugh Hockey = hurrah!

Happy hump day and game day for me! Its a bit later tonight. Pretty stoked, hopefully we will win again. The coach has been trying to get us new sweaters so that will be cool. Rumor is we will be wearing them tonight. Pretty stoked.
So my dad has a new boss and at dinner we were talking about him. My dad thinks hes gay...and here it begins. So my dad found out this guys from a more consrervitive city and he was kinda open about being gay. Then my mom brings in her two cents and is all, oh how great it must be to be here where he can let his hair down. Oh especially with the theater and local arts and stuff.
Then some how the convo moved to texas. I think she said how awful it would be to be gay and live there. I decided to be bold and mention how it still is illegal to be gay there and that you can be arrested and fined. Then we moved to how its like its own country and I said its "written in its constitution that..."then my brother breaks in and is all "no fudge packers" the convo went down hill from there covered every gay stereotype in the book and ended what would have been a great dinner, with me secretly pissed and wanting to punch all of them.
I know I wont be able to come out to there faces. Im prolly gunna write a long letter and send it to them after im done with college. As for my brother Im prolly gunna just call him after the letter and be like "hey, Im gay. F--- you!" then hang up. No love loss there.
Im pretty ticked off right now actually. Good thing I have a game, I will try and blow off some of this steam there.
My mum always is like, hypothetically if you were happier with a man I think I would go along with that, but in reality im sure shes gonna freak out and disown me. Same with my dad, he will go on a rant about how much he resents his sons, blame it on my mom, then disown me.
my brothers opinion doesn't matter. Glad my family is so supportive!
Im the black sheep anyway, I almost dont care.
The devout catholics of either side will freak. I will make it clear in my long letter/novel that I do NOT want them to know but my mum will tell them anyway.
I like how im predicting something that is like 6 years away.

I answered a bunch of formspring stuffs so keep those Qs coming.

Still stoked for the game tonight! Gunna try to keep my gloves on but thats hard to do when you go onto the ice pissed. A well placed cross check may be enough for me idk.
Hockey always makes me happy regardless of what I do. This is why its the best sport in the world!

This didn't post when I thought it would have so im posing it now after the game!
We won btw!
It was pretty sweet. More later!

Monday, March 29, 2010

BACK! (finally)

Thats all I can say. UGH. Its not like ugh like grimace ugh but ugh like thank god im off my feet ugh. Secondly I say UGH again to this week ahead. Its the one thing that stands between me and Spring Break! So yea. Looking forward to that. I will be zipping around the south western United States mostly. No international travel this spring however that will come in summer.
So why have I been out? Why did I miss a good 2 days of school last week? Hockey? Some other crazy thing? Yes to both! The other crazy thing was the primary reason and it will only make people think im even more of a crazy nerd. I dont let it show that much take my word for it. I was at a robotics competition! Yea Im on my schools robotics team too. I cant say much more other than it was pretty fun. I was a good 3 days of robots robots ROBOTS! Playing this years FRC game Breakaway. Sadly it was soccer breakaway not hockey breakaway. That brings us to hockey that occupied any other time I had along with baseball/tennis nonsense.
That is yet another fact I seem to have failed to mention. I went to try out for my school baseball team like I did last year but I didnt make it this year, why? Because last year I went to the summer training thing and only people who go to that get to be on the teams. Fantastic corruption! So I thought I would slip my self on to the tennis team just cuz its fun and something else to do. It doenst take up any of my time either. When I write about my normal schedule Im always like oh crap im freaking busy, but I never feel that way untill I start seeing movie posters advertising movies I havent seen previews to. I seriously need to take a breather. Im holding out for spring break.
Right now I should be doing math that I missed but I dont want to. Im having one of those Mondays.
I noticed that I dont talk that much hockey in my blog and idk why. This is kinda the place I put all the untold stuff and hockey is not untold as Im always talking hockey at school or some place or another. I dont really want to mention my allegiance to one team cuz thats when people start getting crazy! I guess I just dont talk hockey cuz I feel like id be walking on egg shells with this blogosphere and its many people with different tastes in hockey teams. Baseball however I feel a bit different about. Angels all the way bi--- and if you dont agree well f--- you! (oh there it is, see I try to avoid that but lets continue to piss people off shall we) Whats up with them calling them the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. (not im not a ducks fan too...christ) Well Los Angeles and Anaheim are two different cities each with their own baseball teams (and hockey teams) zip codes, area codes, the works. On top of that they are in two different counties! I dont get it and I havent since they changed the name a few years back. Whats more is their next game is against the Twins on the 5th. Oh Mikey, dont wanna piss you off and I wont try to. Let the best team win. *cough* Angles *cough*
Alright. Im starting to get to that drunkenness in my writing that im sure convinces people that im crazy. Ive gotta go do math anyway...and study for WHAP.
One last UGH for the road. Ill be fine

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm not dead I'm just very far away from my computer and busy beyond busy. Its been a very intense several days. I should be sleeping so good night. I will blog more once I get home and more well rested.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pre game brain purge

Pretty excited. Nothing better than a last minute schedule change to get your season moving!
Did that random Physical test thing, I passed in all areas yet I still looked like a dumby running around the track. Skate hard, run like shit. That was my pseudo motto for today. lol Got me all ready to play tonight. Im gunna be up on endorphins tonight woot woot!
Ive got my self all set to fly a bunch this next week but there is this tick haze that is everywhere and it refuses to lift. Its like I live in Beijing, its not even fog its just a crazy haze. Hopefully that moves out soon, I need flight hours and flying is no fun when you can only see gray and little hazy bits of distant hills and ground. IFR...ugh.
Brother just got home...he just doesnt shut up. He gives me headaches. He broke the printer the other day cuz he thinks he knows everything. Hes 23...its time to move on out if you ask me. Hes never left home for longer than a week, hes been in the community college for like 5 years, lazy to no end. Ugh, I dont like him at all and I have kept that in for too long. Just this last year Ive gone off on him though I just couldn't sit around and not say anything anymore. It surprised everyone but I had to be done for my own sanity. Im on edge all the time because of him. My parents try to use the fact that he has a crazy mild learning disability as an excuse but just putting it out there I have one too yet I still manage. Ive taken tests with concussions and passed, I never complain, work my ass off and get ignored where he sleeps and will complain about anything and his C becomes a triumph of the will and a symbol of how hard hes worked. I cant stand that.
Being able to air my grievances to the blog world helps. Hope the internet doesnt hate me and think im a bickering weirdo. For the record im not, the only reason that makes it to the internet is because it goes nowhere else. From my brain to the computer.
Ive been asked what this crush of mine looks like so I will describe him here.
hes a bit shorter than me, prolly like 5'10" ish and has cute brown hair and light brown/greenish eyes. Can never be to sure about race out here, hes on the lighter side of the brown constant tan all of us californians have. Hes got a nice body and volleyballs started so its only gunna get better. Cant let him distract me too much cuz hes still just a crush a big tease but still nothing more.
Alright gotta get ready for hockey. Pretty pumped already. More later as usual

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why is spring hockey so crazy?

This came up in conversation today. Apparently its not that nobody cares about HS spring hockey its that the woman who is in charge of scheduling forgot about us. Obviously she doesn't care. So what she did was she made up some of the HS schedule as she was putting together the in house league stuff at the start of the year and then stopped and figured she would come back to it later, but she never did! The schedule is on a computer and is automatically sent out to the coaches and registered players so we all got the broken up not fully planned ones and thats why it looked like there was a huge gap between games. Just this morning we find out we have a game tomorrow! Its so crazy. Ive had to deal with her years before and she has always been bad at scheduling. We rarely know an official game time until a few days before. Kinda ticks everyone off. Get to wear my jersey to school tomorrow and have all the puck bunnies all over me ugh. She said she will have the full schedule done by tonight but who knows. Im sticking to in house next year I swear!
We moved seats in french today. The teacher said she had the computer do it randomly and I crossed my fingers. She called out our names and had us move to our new seats. She called him and went down the row and as she went to the next row she pointed to the chair that is next to his and when she didn't call my name I swore very loudly and said it was because my leg was cramping to not make anyone suspicious. Lucky for me we are pretty much within diagonal eye shot of each other and hes right in front of the white board so I have an excuse to be looking over there!
Hockey practice today, It was just gunna be casual but now its like "Game tomorrow! Get ready!" practice.
Should prolly go get ready for that.
More later

Monday, March 22, 2010

Week Outlook

oh this week! Busy, but not like ima rip all my hair out busy. Its just that mad scramble before spring break (first full week in April). My English teacher gave us a project that is due the day before we leave but its pretty much done and just chillin in my locker. Its actually pretty good if you ask me. Its about propaganda in the 40s. So got a test tomorrow for some reason. Its on RNA and translation and transcription and all of that fun bio-y stuff I nerd out over. I will pass it I know. My bio teacher seems to hate me for some reason, didn't realize my 105% would give her reason to scoff at me but idk, America isnt the happiest place on earth anymore. (dont say it!)
Its been cooling down over here but I dont mind cuz Wednesday I have this thing after school where I they are gunna make me run and do sit ups and crap. I make come across as being very athletic (or not Idk) but I dont think I am. I suck at running so im stressing over that. Im not made for running, I can skate great but no. Not looking forward to that.
Hockey practice is pretty much filling in all of the empty slots but thats cool. Just holding out for spring break over here. Ive got some more homework to do but I dont feel like doing it to tell you the truth (dont worry I will) Im just pacing my self.
I tried out for my schools speech and debate team today. Pretty sure im gunna make it. Im very...idk how to put it but im good with my words in speaking as well as writing. Articulate I think is the right word. Ive always been that fearless leader type (yet never team captain...hmmm) Idk, im more into my fast flying tin cans than I am being the next awesome political leader. Ive been told thats perfect for me but I dont think so. I get too hot tempered and would prolly end up aging my self to death. So pilot it is still! Hockey on the side of corse!
Not giving that up any time soon.
Crush news! Hes still cute as ever! If you could see me right now, Im smiling all big remembering all the cute shit he did today. We are getting new seats in french tomorrow and I hope to god that woman sat me next to him, and not jut next to him but his parle partner! Need to get to talking to him some more. We already do but its hard to when we sit pretty much across the room from each other! Ive actually prayed several times when ever we change seats that im put next to him. Hopefully putting this out in the blog world makes it happen. He just logged on to aim! AH!
Alright hoping for that, more on this later...prolly tomorrow.
Homework now...and aim! (its cool, im a productive multi-tasker)

Todays pic btw. Bee= busy. Bee playing hockey = busy hockey player = me
Update: Im chickening out and I cant bring my self to talk to him. Ugh Too nervous to
say anything!
Update: Said something, aim says he is typing. Nervous still.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Busy Brain

Alright, so I have discovered my brain can only handle so much stuff at once. Yea it can handle more than the average bear but it is reaching a tipping point and I need to let off some steam so I dont die!
I kept a journal once, I hated it only because of the writing, love typing though so blogger rocks. The support from people who actually get me helps too. Thanks to you all.
Okay so crush story comes first. So there is this dude in my french class and hes freaking adorable! people think hes crazy and jokes around but hes got some seriously good stuff going for him. He and I were talking on aim the other day about how he wants to go to cooking school and eventually be head chef of some restaurant. Anyone else would have shot that idea of his down but I know its something he wants to do. Hes talked about it before, in fact in class he brought it up and it only made people laugh. I told him about a cultural exchange program my dad did years ago when he was trying to become a chef and he seemed pretty stoked about it. He really wants to go. On to the more...for lack of a better word interesting part. He has been dropping hints to me that hes gay for quite some time. I go right along with it, I dont jump on it and be like SO AM I! I just keep talking to him to let him know im perhaps interested. Hes one of those kids who kids who can act as gay as he wants and have people still believe hes 100% straight. Hes not a flamer but he can can get away with hugs and...idk intimate hair fondling lol and the occasional butt grab (got one of those from him bout a month ago). Thats why im confused, like ill catch him checking me out in class or even out at lunch, but there is that possibility hes just mad doggin me. I dont act gay so idk why he keeps coming on to me. I think cuz ive showed no opposition to what his perceivable sexual preferences are. People know me as an indifferent person so its cool. If someone ran up to me and was all hey im gay im got gunna shoot them down for it. As far as he goes I want him to be gay, and I he can like me as much as he wants to, im not gunna put that down. He stares at me in class, I stare back. People just think were being funny but I only use that as a cover. I really want to stare at him and he seems to want to do the same with me all the time. I dont mind looking at him either. hes quite the stud if you ask me. The other day he seemed to tell me he was gay out right, he walked up to me after school, we spoke in french cuz were cool and he just tells me "J'aime les hommes" (I like men) and I was just kinda like ah good, nothing wrong with that and he just kinda smiled said bye and cruised away. Hes got some serious "swagger" its amazing. I haven't talked to him since then so Idk whats up. I remember liking him last year even like from the day I first met him I was like damn hes friggen awesome. He gave me lemonade once so thats cool. Im keeping an eye on this one.
Hello spring. Today is the vernal equinox and im sure some creepy pagan group somewhere sacrificed something yet I sacrifice nothing as im not a creeper. Nothing really being facebook and fast food (what I gave up for lent) but they are not a lamb so were good.
I flew today! I planned it like a week ago with this guy who lets me fly his planes and of corse today is like the shittyest day to go up, its all hazy and smoggy. It was like China smoggy I swear. So he told me a funny story while we were up, Taylor should get it.
So there is a pilot, hes new in the sky and hes all shaky and nervous in his little cessna putting around in the sky. Hes chatting with ground and they ask him to squawk his altitude so he looks at his altimeter and sees it reads that hes at 7,500 ft so he reaches over to his squawk box and punches in 7500. So he happily zips around for some time then he requests to return to and land at the air strip and he is granted permission to land so he goes through the paces and brings his plane down rubber side down and he proudly checks in with ground who tell him to go to a particular ramp. He goes on over and before he knows it his plane is surrounded by the FBI and guys with guns are shouting at him as he is drug from his plane and layed down on the ground and cuffed at gun point. Poor guy didnt know 7500 was the squawk for a hijacking and obviously didnt know how to squawk his altitude. To ground school with him! (after jail)
Alright as usual:
talk more later

love todays pic btw, check out that down wash. pretty sweet looking.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pre practice garble

Happy Saint Patrick's day to you all!
Now I hope you know that the last post was a complete joke. I blame plate tectonics not my self I just had to say something in a pretty desperate effort to prove I can be funny sometimes. Its not working I know. lol
I was asked by a reader the other day something I didn't know I hadnt talked about.
So whats the deal with me? Simply put I am gay and nobody knows. I havent told anyone but the blog world so I guess the blog world is the only group people who know. Ive never had any kind of relationship with another guy, just kinda check them out y'know. Ive know I was gay since I was like aboot 13. I was confused for a pretty long time, most of that went away only last year. Most of it was doubt and me not wanting to accept that I was gay. I even looked into one of those ex gay program things but I did some research and discovered they only drive people nuts and dont help at all. I tryed a bunch of crap to try to "escape" being gay but none of it worked and I have been able to come to terms with it. I know now that is just the way I was born and just cuz im gay doesnt mean I cant live the life I want to. Its def less of a struggle now that I know there are other guys out there more like me. Its nice to know that one day I will get to share this blog with who ever my special guy is. Im less worried about my future now knowing its alright to be gay just like its alright to be left handed (Fact: In hockey I am left handed but right handed when writing). Have I ever had a girl friend? I wouldn't like to call her that, I was never attracted to her really, she asked me to go to a dance with her. We knew each other from before, I went just cuz my dads kinda a homophobe and I dont need him suspecting anything and cuz I really couldnt say no. We were pretty good with each other and hit it off pretty well. What ever we did it felt so awkward though. I tried to stay cool through it all but I think she may have detected that I wasnt too into her. Shes still pretty nice to me now though so thats cool. She still comes and watches the team play, she knows hockey too so thats cool. So yea, that was my one and only rendez-vous with a girl.
When I look back on life I remember all my fake crushes I had in elementary school, I just had em cuz you needed to. I was never attracted to girls, my real crushes were with other guys and of course still are. Ive got plenty of crushes now but no one to talk about them to :-(
Man is it spring or what? I could go on and on about this stuff but I cant. I have practice now cuz I havent been sweating enough today, its still like 78f right now and was in the 80s when I was at school.
I will prolly talk some more after practice.
if not, Have a happy St. Patrick's day! Erin go bragh!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

in the words of Isoroku Yamamoto

"I fear I have awoken a sleeping dragon"
Or I have been told that I have at least.
Earlier today there was a nice earthquake, bigger than the one before that lots of people
It was a good 4.4, enough to wake a person sleeping soundly to wake up.
I woke up at the primary wave, thats the first jolt that hits just before the rest of the earthquake
arrives, and just as I looked at my clock, it started. It was like 4 in the morning andI was scared of
this one to tell you the truth. We are all waiting for "the big one" and at every earthquakes
start that
is what rolls through ones mind "is this gunna be it?" "is this the big one?" So It didnt really build
up, it was here and then gone. But I couldnt get back to bed cuz I was like "omg, what if it is just
a fore shock and the big un is coming latter?" I just stayed in bed all "shaken" waiting...
Anyway, there is more I need to say but it can wait, I need to get to bed so lets cover the
important stuff.
So a reader and fellow Hockey enthusiast HB9 felt the same quake and was awoken from
a sound sleep as I was. Rather than just calling it part of the experiences we share as crazy
Californians and getting on with life he has decided to say that my blog post on quakes
a while back has "awoke the sleeping dragons" and he is holding ME "personally responsible"
for both the quake and his early wake up call. So this is my personal apology.

Dearest California, both inhabitants and the state,
It has come to my attention that the "great" quake of 4am on the 16th of March the year of our
lord 2010 was entirely of my doing and that plate tectonics had nothing to do with it, it was
simply a ripple in the crust of our great earth caused by the words of me and me alone.
It has also been expressed to me that some of California's citizens were disturbed by said
quake and I would like to extend my deepest apologies to those who were and would like
to send thanks to those who were but chose to keep their mouths shut.
To the state of California, I would like to let you know that I respect the stress that is put
upon you everyday by your many faults however It would be appreciated if you do not release
this stress upon your inhabitants when you are reminded that said stress exists by idiotic
bloggers like my self. I believe I speak for California as a whole when I say. We would like
to live on a still, non rattling California, and that we would like it very much if you did not
toss us out of bed with quakes of any magnitude.
Thank you my fair state for your understanding and compliance, and thank you to the
hard working citizens for accepting my apologies for accidentally awakening California's
great faults. California, I wish you a peaceful sleep and I hope you will provide me with the
same every night for years to come.

Arent I cute when I get diplomatic? Tyler for governor!
So thats good enough eh? that aught to keep us safe for long enough and keep me
out of the line of blame.
At school they were all "OMG!! We gunna die! if an earthquake happens today!"
I was like "wow ray of sunshine" Speaking of sunshine! It hit 85 F aboot 29 degrees
C for our "Canadium" friends. Love it, Shorts and t-shirt and flip flop weather,
feels so good to hit the rink weather, so glad I play ice and not outdoor roller weather,
BEACH weather. Man its great but come sunday its gunna be like 60 degrees, and to me
thats like at least light jacket weather, when it gets to anything in the 50s I start wearing pants.
Seasons are only observed in Ca so we can exist with the rest of the USA they dont really
mean anything (seeing its in the 80s in what is still technically winter)
Alright, bed for me now!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring is springing

oh spring...the time of year that I go nuts. The time of year I often times catch my self staring at some guy and pretend like I was only speaceing out when he catches me. oh spring...
March sucks! I have a head cold! Need I say more? I can but I would rather not right now to keep from dyeing.
So a while back a friend of mine told me he didn't know how to ice skate. I do live in california after where people have trouble fixing them selfs cerel in the morning (im not one of those people just sayin) So I have made it my personal gaol to have him out skating like a pro (or close to it) by the end of March. we went to the rink today to putz around some and he does that slipy slidy thing everyone seems to do when they have know clue what they are doing. Y'know where they are doing more | | instead of / \ with their skates. I cant really describe it but hopefully you get the picture, basically he isnt making any progress in any direction at this point cuz hes not pushing off like / \ and still doing the | | thing and is in a really awkward stance so I had to think back to when I taught 5 year olds how to skate with the nose over the knees, knees over the toes thing they teach everyone. I had to give him a break sorta, I can be like a DI when it come to this sort of thing. Hes 17 and his first time in skates and on ice was last weekend. Hes my project for this month basically. He is getting there. we managed to get from the door of the rink to the blue line before he fell and it was a struggle all the way im telling you. We made a whole lap with out falling by the end of the skate just some weird semi fall/toe touchy things. I dunno, I hope I wasnt this much of a hand full when I was 5 and learning how to skate. I bet I was worse. to tell you the truth I kinda like it but I bet you already knew that. I would tolly blitz him about being a bender but thats the least of our worries right now. More on him later
Ive been meaning to talk on puck bunnies as of late. SOoo many of them at school. Seriously, these girls couldnt even tell you how long the game lasts or anything beyond that really. It takes them forever to figure out when a goal has been scored, sometimes they cheer for the wrong side. The thing that sux more is they are really all we got as far as support in the stands (Ca is not a hockey state...yet we have 3 NHL teams) I guess not full of hockey people. Anyway, so they might not like you or want much to do with you. Then spring season rolls around and then your fighting them off with a stick. Of course they get all pissy cuz I dont want much to do with them in either situation. Now it would be different if they were nice and mabey...idk knew hockey but TABARNAK they arent! They are evil! Im just like Omg, Se taire! laissez-moi tranquil! fermer toutes les portes s'il te plaît! Cripes! They couldnt even tell me what went on in the game,
just that so n' so likes #11 and wants to know his number.
They are gunna make a man miserable one day.
Im stuck in a math class with these girls...per 3 man ugh.
Im not my self today and It may or may not show im my writing but thats because I have a cold.
When I get sick its only for like a day but man does it mess me up. Also this time change form
PST to PDT messes with me too. Spring forward, Fall back as they say.
Im gunna get to bed so I can get up in the mornin

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Star gazer, hockey player, or both?

How about all three?
So what the hell am I talking about? I will tell you. Well if you know hockey you should be well aware of Mark Messier...I mean hes only on the cup 6 times and played on the Racers along side Gretzky. Well anyway hes one of the better players (they say hes one of the best). He recently helped design a new more protective helmet that I recently bought after a friend raved about his for a week. I freaking love it, Its called the M11 it looks like this but M11 also
looks like this.

This fuzzy image is one of the 110 Messier objects we can see in the night sky. They are not named not after the hockey star but a star gazer named Charles Messier. Unfortunately M11 isn't the most exciting of the objects that can be anything from nebulas to galaxies or star clusters like M11. Click here to see them. They are pretty cool. They are all huge and far away and if your in the right place you can see them all with your naked eye however they look better through a telescope.

So far we have covered two of the 3 people, Mark Messier The hockey player, Charles Messier the star gazer, now im not gunna make you guess who gets to be called both cuz im sure you had an inkling it was me. Well yea, astronomy is one of the many crazy things I enjoy and I have always thought its kinda funny that both the sport and the hobby have famous Messiers in them. I remember when I was told about the M11 helmet the nerd inside my head took a mental note to look up what Messier object M11 was. I was pretty pissed to see it was just a star cluster to tell you the truth. I was hoping for a galaxy or nebula but no such luck. I really have been letting my nerdyness out in this blog and I really dont mean to. It just comes out because it cant anywhere else but here is my guess. I mean seriously, if my friend told me about Mark Messier's new helmet and I went off on him about star clusters...ehh..not cool y'know? Its weird, all the crap I cant express around friends but want to. I can just as easily post all the crap we talk about to each other but why? Ive already said it so why not put down all thats untold here eh?
Astronomy can be kinda cute too if you ask me. Out in the dark on a clear night, just you, who ever, and the planets and endless stars. You can sit back and chat for hours about anything you want while looking up at the sky. It gets pretty cold too so plenty of hugging to keep warm I suppose. Thanks mother nature.
Alright im out

Friday, March 12, 2010

another busy week ends!

The weekend is finally here! Im like a dead gel right now and I swear the only thing I can do is type. So I had a game wednesday and lots of homework then a long practice thursday and a ton of work again and because im crazy I put my work in front of my blog! Omg I know, how weird am I? So the game wasn't was good as anyone hoped it would be. Long story short we lost. BOOOO. in our defense It was pretty much right after school, the ice was crap, and...really we have no excuse we just sucked. We have great coaches and they want us to be great n all and last year they did just that but the start of the season is always crappy for us. I dont think im gunna do HS next year and just be on a traditional league that actually plays during winter and plays a bit more competitively more like AA stuff. Ive got some friends on a AAA travel team who want me to get on board with that and give that a shot but idk if I should just
cuz it kinda gets in the way...of everything. They love it but hate it at the same time and im sure I
will be the same way but I dont want to do something im going to regret and start hating, and that
will happen when my grades take a dip. They all do independent studies, it just sounds
way to confusing and weird. Not my cup of tea.
On another note. We have one more game then this massive multi week gap where only
practice will happen. Yet another reason I want to go for a rink league next year.
Today I got my nerdyness handed to me when someone walked into my 6th period with a paper that said Im wanted for academic decathlon. It made me laugh. Im gunna do it just cuz I can. One of my friends told me that I would "be totally 'beast' with all of the history and science" questions. The fact that my ability to answer questions could be called beastly made me laugh even harder. I dont ever think of my self as a incredibly smart person until something like this happens. Again im on that fine line where smart people think I must be dumb because im a "stupid jock" and where jocks think im too smart. I still try to be cool with everyone and usually I am but you cant please em all but thats not what im here to do now is it?
I also made another formspring (seems to be the cool thing to do). The reason why I say I made another is because I had one because everyone was getting them and puting them on their facebooks and I did the same, but now the secret world of gay athletes and their blogs is calling upon me to get yet another one. so here it is, so go ahead and ask me anything there and I will respond quickly.
Todays picture...hat trick ave in Eveleth, Minn. by the US Hockey Hall of Fame. I wanna go!
alright this boys off to rock n' skate
PS excuse all errors you may run into. like I said im just a gel and prolly using 1/100 of my energy and brain power right now.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The important (less nerdy more age appropriate) stuff

Okay, back to being 16 again. Eh. so practice on monday, we took on a few new solid players. I was hoping I would get bumped back up to my winger position but coach insists I stay a d-man. Oh well. We have 2 games between now and sunday, should I say when they are? idk. I feel like this season is moving very slowly for some reason. It should pick up soon. Why Is it in spring? I think its so people who play in the proper leagues can play for their HS teams as well. I want to play for one of those next year.
My brothers in the kitchen bull shitting to my mum and its pissing me off.
In english we are reading a Separate Peace. Finny and Gene, what a cute couple they would be if Gene didnt keep trying to KILL Finny!
There are a whole bunch of flamboyantly gay people at my school. They seem to think that to be gay you need to act the way they do and know everything about theater arts. Like, If I went up to them and came out they wouldn't believe me. They would prolly be grossed out first off but then they would be all. Oh you cant be gay you dont have Streissand on your ipod!
I try not to think of them as a dark mark on the gay community but its so hard cuz they would think of me as a black mark just the same. Its weird to think that you may be hated by your "own kind" if you will. I dont understand why there are flamboyant gay people and then masculine gay people. I didnt chose to be gay but did they chose to be femmy? Do you chose to act femmy? I dont really chose to act masculine I just do...I guess. If you chose to act femmy is it as an identity thing? Does it help you identify, feel happy? If it makes you feel happy more power to you, I have nothing against it I just want to know.
Spring break is coming. I will be visiting colleges WOOOT. Me and my occasional bouts of over achieving. I love it because I feel safe for the long run but kinda hate it too. Smart people (aside from the decent few) all think im some type of goofy jock idiot. Then the sportive people think im some type of nerdy weirdo. Is there any happy medium I will ever find? Probly...It will take some time im sure.
So much stuff going though my head tonight.
So ass put some bad comments on Mikeys blog that pissed me off. Im sure hes just some lonely weirdo but it still bothered me.
I feel like if I continue I will just go on bumbling about nothing so I will finish up.
All n' all today was a pretty good day. Looking forward to our first few real games. Todays pic is of Doug Gilmour. Its for Madeleine. #93 (my birth year). I have his Canadiens jersey but I out grew it. the other day it was Wendel Clark (a favorite) number. I picked it haphazardly when I started playing and it just stuck and I have grown into it as MY number. Its my lucky number and it appears often in my life. I love it.
Alright so much for finishing up.
Good night

My life in french/cultural revolution

Oui je parle français. Mais pourquoi? Je ne sais pas. Yea im not gunna do that to you. Basically I lived in France for 3 months and thats where the français comes from. It was through a cultural exchange program and boy was that a fun 3 months. Im thinking of doing a longer one in Sr year. Prolly to Belgium though. Why Belgium? They speak slower...and I have relatives there. France is still freaking awesome though. So many people have crap against it but I believe this comes from the lack of cultural understanding in The United States. (here he goes) I am a firm believer (seince my fantastic european adventure that extended beyond France mind you) that the world will one day achieve this "world peace" we always hear about. However said peace can only be achieved though the teaching and understanding of other cultures. I think if we all understood each other better we would not hate each other so much. I love learning about new cultures. I want to understand them...ALL OF THEM! I want to show them what I as a person believe in and that just because my government says something that doesn't necessarily mean I think it true just as im sure they will want to show me the same. Im sure this will be harder to do in some places, easier in others but its the basic Idea. If we can understand what we are all faced with on a day to day I think we will all sympathize with each other an awful lot better. Up untill a few years ago I believed every person in the middle east was evil and out to get us. I was proved very wrong when I learned of the rich and diverse cultures that exist there and the devotion they all have to religion. By learning more about them I felt I had an understanding why SOME groups were against us but also that most people there (and around the world) are interested in us Americans. Through my own personal investigations I have been able to make my own decisions about people and cultures and not let the media affect the way I feel. I am a firm believer in achieving peace through understanding and I suggest you give it a try too. I have felt much better about the future, the world, and myself because of it.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend...ends :(

Ugh. the weekend is over. its midnight and I should be sleeping but lets blog it up shall we?
So not a whole lot went on and thats great because all I really wanted to do this weekend was sleep. I had a pretty busy week and it was good to get some rest. Friday night I had practice and that went good. I went to another rink for more skating at a public skate thing with some friends. I think I already talked about this.
Saturday I met up with some friends at a cafe/restaurant and we hung around there all day eating and talking. It was great, I felt like those crazy kids in the videos they show us in french class of kids eating in cafes avec leurs amis. Yea I take french got a problem with that? I already know spanish so why not. It was that Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, any of the three I would not mind knowing I just couldn't imagine using them other than to creep out my buds when we go to china town, little tokyo, or ktown (depending on the language). After that I got picked up by another friend of mine and we went to see a hockey game. Im totally crushing on this kid too so that only made the night better.
Sunday I woke up later than usual and felt great and like crap at the same time. To describe that feeling to you:
Imagine walking down a city road on a nice warm day, you get hit by a bus and are out long enough for them to take you to the hospital where you get rest and a deep tissue massage then take you home and put you in your own bed, give you another massage, then wake you up by hitting you over the head with a shovel.
Took a shower and that was pretty much my morning. Went to my guitar lesson in the afternoon and had a pretty good "jam session". Came home, rested some. I woke up to a phone call, who calls people now anyway? Texting all the way! Well it was from a teammate who I guess would have found telling me that he was at the rink through text would have been too informal. Seriously thats all he wanted to say. So I went down (out of pitty...jk) and spent some time there just messing around. Then came back home and got ready to go back out to an oscar party at somebody's house.
So this week we have a few games so pretty excited. A few new players are coming on today I guess (monday).
Crap its 1. Why I have staying up I dont know. Parents blame hormones because thats the excuse for everything when your a teenager. Its weird because im tired but manage to keep doing stuff and not get to that point where you NEED to sleep. Like right now Im only going to bed because I have school tomorrow and need to be alive for that. Well I have tomorrow period and I need to be alive for that.
good night, good morning, good day.
Never did explan todays picture...Do I need to? Its Wendel Clark A lot of people say that he is bad...a lot of people have alot to say. I will talk about this later when its not 1:07AM

Friday, March 5, 2010


Check em out. Petey Mueller in his new avs jersey and Wolski in his new yotes jersey. Mueller for a while looked like he was gunna be cool with the yotes and stick around as a good player but no. This season he seemed to give up and has pretty much been begging to be traded out, and so here we were at trade deadline and there he and Porter go (off to the avs) and here comes Wojtek Wolski, significantly harder to pronounce than our good Minnesota born boy Petey. Outside of the double V'd polish name he looks like hes fitting in well, Doaner and him already are getting along well, he said he has always "admired his play and how hard he's always played". Hes gained a pretty good rapport with the team thus far so good for him!

Test day today! Test after test after test! UGH. Whap test went okay but it was freaking hard but I managed to slip by with a B. That was the only one I was sweating over so its all good.

Practice after a busy school day is always satisfying. Ive been trying to improve on a bunch of things and said things have been getting a whole lot better. I never wanted to be one of those people who makes lists to set goals but (un)fortunately that system somehow works for me. Ive managed to get my skating way better real quick. After being a forward for so long its hard to be back on the blue line for some reason. Its cool, I kinda like it.

I just read that back to my self and noticed that I may have ADD :P

Alright. Im off to go to a late night rock n' skate.


Im depressing (study coma part deux)

I would like to put down on record. that I have been studying for this history test happening at for a very long time yet I feel I only know the basics. I dunno if thats all I need to know but here is where I am right now. (excuse me its past midnight)
So the Manchurians are all like "Russia your not getting us" and the Japanese are all "Korea your ours" then russia is like "no mine!" China craps its pants and Japan tries to get crafty but fails then Admiral perry shows up and makes them crap them selfs (and open up Japan). the Meiji restoration happens. Meanwhile the ottomans are all "shit" and the balkans and janessaries are all "revolution" and Britan is like "thanks for Egypt!" and then my brain explodes then suddenly Mustafa Kamal is all "TURKEY!!!!" and the ottoman empire isnt there any more. Back to asia. Russia and china all "okay lets stop" then russia gets turned inside out as the tsar tries to return to autocracy. Japan is all "yay for western things and especially dutch things!! look at our fancy new diet! (parliament)".
thats pretty much chapter 27 in a nut shell. some of Ch 26 (I also will be tested on) was in the beginning but I know most of that well.
Oh also everyone says "yay for women! especialy upper class women! Go to school now please, because you can!"
then Communism shows up in the next chapter and makes the world crap its pants (because at 1am the world has pants)

okay I NEED to get to bed now.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

busy night (study coma)

Whoa! Busy night indeed. Tomorrow night will also be pretty busy cuz ive got two tests on friday to study for both are ap classes so mucho importante! Yea thats right im an ap nerd too and proud of it! Its cool, its college credit thats way cheaper than college and I can totally pull it off so why not eh? I also have a french test...I think tomorrow.
Oh crap. Alright im not crazy, keep that in mind. Im pretty even keel and easy going just very intense when it comes to
school and stuff.
Im sorry for even starting this craziness
its late and I have been studying, sleep is needed NOW!
For some reason I have fallen in love with the dodge charger, not the old ones that crazy
people drive but the new ones. It will prolly pass but for the time being im like on the edge of
obsession. Normally im not a fan of muscle cars and I just stick to my jeeps but that charger...Idk
something about it I like. I just like randomly saw one on the road the other day and was hooked somehow.
Ive never been a big car person period this just came out of the blue. Alright I need sleep so I dont
die tomorrow morning.
PS this was all written while in a tired study coma so forgive its awkwardness