Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Canada!

So our neighbors to the north beat us at their own game today. As O Canada played I sang the star spangled banner, normally I would sing along but NOT when they beat us at hockey. It was a nail biter all the way through to OT and the point Crosby made his goal. I was shaking at first with nerves but then with anger. I was hoping for a US goal within those last 30 seconds of the 3rd period but NO! I would like to say oh well but its an olympic gold and it only comes around every 4 years so i'm pretty ticked off. We will get them back when an American team wins the Stanley cup. Also we have more gold metals, and just metals period. Also we aren't sovereign
to the queen of England, I could go on and on but I will not.
well in other news. I have started drivers ed! (*cheers*) I was hoping I would get my pilots license before my divers license but no such luck (it takes soooo freaking long). I often confuse people because I fly but I am no thrill seeker and I am terrified of the road! My mum basically had to force me to sign up for drivers ed. Its not that I am a bad driver its that there are so many bad drivers around here. Also our laws are so strict and we have huge fines for even the smallest things. Im freaked out im gunna screw up and get some $900 ticket for having the my tail light out and have my dad blow up on me. I have the type of luck that I will be driving 24 in a 25 zone and get a fine for speeding.
fears of the road aside HS Ice hockey starts tomorrow! (*louder cheers*). Seeing im the black sheep of the family im the only one who cares. The other day I found out I made varsity and my mum and dad could tell I was excited, like crazy excited, and they ask "why are you so happy?" when I told them I made varsity they were like "ohhh, thats fun" WTF! I just dont get it. Im the only person who gets hockey in my family, I dont get how they couldn't learn the game from the 10 seasons they watched me play. I know they were there and they seemed to know what was going on.
Well I have school tomorrow...but also hockey :D
good night


Don't want to be a doomsday-er but there have been way to many big earthquakes around the world as of late and California hasn't moved for a long time so im just kinda freaked out. Last year we had some small quakes and those im totally fine with. If our faults can slowly release pressure through small quakes that do nothing more than make things come off my shelfs thats okay but a big quake that causes deaths and freeway collapses thats not cool. My best wishes go to Haiti and Chile, China, Japan as I hope people are sending positive energy our way. The last thing anyone wants is an earthquake to ruin everything. I just hope California stays still and if it needs to move that it only is a little shake nothing major.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aboot last night

Last night basically was never home so I didn't get to post anything. I got home from school then I took a nap because I was freaking tired then I went to work. From there my friend picked me up and we went to play friday night pick up hockey with some other people. After that I ended up going home just to take a shower and leave to go back out with the same friends and I didnt get home till late.
Everyone else was out having a good time at a school dance thing that went on all night. Lucky for me most of my friends didnt go this year so we just got to hang out and do stuff around the city. My friends are cool like that.
So as predicted Canada and The United States of America will be playing again this sunday for the gold. We all know the USA is gunna kick Canada's ass and prove capitalism...excuse me I forgot this was 2010 and its Canada we are dealing with and not the Soviet Union. Well yea Im feeling a miracle on ice-esque afternoon this sunday. I have a guitar lesson when the game starts. I was thinking of canceling but I decided not to and go in my team USA jersey seeing that my teacher is Canadian.
Finland and Slovakia play tonight for bronze so gotta watch that too.
Ive got to go in a few minutes. Today Im reffing for the last time! just in time for the HS season to start most of the leagues are also winding to a close. Pretty exciting stuff oot here. Im particularly going to miss hearing from 10y olds how much I suck and constantly looking over my shoulder for stuff like todays picture. More later. Alright im out.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Late night buzz

school was odd today because I had to go unlike yesterday when I got to hang out at the air port all day. I actually had to do work, make up a few tests, catch up on what I missed, ugh. I always hate that back to reality feeling that comes when ever I miss a bunch of work.
Right now im watching The Sarah Silverman Program because it keeps me from going totally nuts with seriousness however today its having the opposite effect. Her two gay friends are trying to get married but they new mayor wont let them because shes against gay people. I know its a joke but when ever im reminded about how gay people are so hated and mistreated by some people or groups of people rather, it pisses me off. Idk, right now im not to into talking about all that but thats pretty much where I am.
So after school I did my hockey thing then came home and had a major shift in gears when I chose to switch on the tv to watch the heath care summit. I saw a bit on tape delay where Obama told McCain the election was over and I said out loud "Oh shit!".
Oh god im nerding out, sorry about that I do that from time to time. But seriously, I love watching those things for moments like that. I wish we had Japanese parliament on TV over here, they get into fist fights.
Alright enough of that.
Just out of my mind at random.
Sometimes I wonder about my future, not necessarily what I will be doing. Im pretty sure I will be playing hockey still in some way even if recreationally. Very sure I will fly for some airline; but will I be living with someone like most everybody else? Im not even talking about being married to somebody Im just saying will I find somebody like me who likes what I do and that I can have a connection with who is more boyfriend than best friend? Its just a thought that popped into my mind.
Haven't talked much Olympics have I? Well I have been watching them (who isnt? I would be crazy not to be) Looking forward to sunday when The US is gunna win the gold metal (believing in miracles doesnt hurt)!
Alright Im gunna head to bed now.
Good night

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hump day

So today was great! I didn't need to go to school because I was out on a job shadow trip at the airport! Im all about aviation, I want to be a commercial pilot in the future so I was all over this trip. I got to spend some time in the control tower cab, I complemented them on being the best tower in the area because they are, no joke! I fly out of the same airport for hour building and fly all around in and out of air spaces and they are by far the best tower to be controlled by, they are all pretty young too. I went down a floor in the tower into the break room where they had an xbox and COD and NHL2k10 so I chose play the 2nd. The guy on break was a hockey fan so he and I could talk hockey. It was great my two most favorite things (aviation and hockey) all under one roof! I was so excited to be there and everyone could tell. After the shadowing ended, we went to a banquet lunch (we being everyone from all of the local high schools who went shadowing) and it was so good. It beat the crap I would have had at school.
The plane in the picture is a Mooney Acclaim Type S and is the fastest plane Mooney makes. Its a pretty good looking bird and is crazy fast as well as comfortable. I dont fly them (yet) Im stuck with cessna skyhawks for now. they are nice entry level planes, high wings, easy controls.
well im off to the rink for a skate. Later.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Short addition+

Right now im listening to music through the crappy 90's headphones. Ive been listening to The Zambonis. I think they are pretty cool. Give them a listen and decide for your self. They are an all hockey band and have some good songs and are easy to listen too, some are funny too but all good. They know the game and music well.
...Guess who just signed onto AIM?

Laughed at my self

whats up!?
So I had my rink time for the day now im in for the night. Im in desperate need of new headphones/earbuds (what ever you want to call them). all of my old ones are thrashed and dont work and ive been reduced to listening to music on my computer with these old 90's headphones we got with our first computer. So tonight's picture is of *cough* one of the most unforgettable nights *cough*. I bet everyone remembers the night and has the exact same picture in their brain. Yea I dont blame you if you dont remember. I have a creepy memory and forget nothing and I often will bring things up nobody else remembers from years ago and I end up looking like a weirdo.
I was talking to a guy I like today, idk if hes gay or straight or what to tell you the truth but thats beside the point. I was sort of laughing at my self while I was talking to him because I was that stereotypical-ish guy talking to the person he likes. I was all nervous and crap, he doesnt know I like him (or that im gay and can like him rather) I just gave him some lame excuse as to why I was nervous, something about a test or something like that. I can talk normally to pretty much everyone its just him that gets me visibly nervous. I find it funny but I guess its normal. Ive just gotta try to chill out more.
Alright, I will talk more later. Im pretty distracted so excuse me if this post is crazy and seemingly about nothing.

Monday, February 22, 2010

what a monday

hey welcome to the new home of my blog. idk if you herd about the migration from wordpress or not but here it be!

Well anyway today was weird and everyone had a case of the mondays. At school we basically got nothing done and I ended up not having homework so that was cool. These next two weeks are gunna be exciting though because next monday I start playing for my schools team! (woot woot!) Idk why we start so late but thats the way it goes. During the rest of the year I just play pick up and practice a bunch. Other people are on other leagues during the high school teams off season but not me, I used to be but stopped last year. Ive been thinking of getting back into it, some buds of mine are trying to get me to join the local travel club. I think I should but I know there are better people than me out there. I tend to be selfless like that. Im no bender but I just think there are more qualified people who want to take there game much farther.
It was just today that I noticed I have been on a sheet of ice in some form or another (playing, public skate, reffing, practice etc...) everyday since a very long time ago. I think there was a day in October that I didn't go down to the rink because I had...SWINE FLU! AHHHH. Yea it takes a pandemic flu to keep me off the ice.
so yea. freaking excited about HS hockey.
Also im sure you see ive decided to reveal my name, I figured I would screw it up eventually and say it so why not say it now eh?
Signing off

Sunday, February 21, 2010

About me

Alright so about me. there is a lot to say but lets start off on the personal side of this blog. So another reason why im writing this blog is to get ideas out of my head. Everyone knows me as a bit of a tough guy only because I dont show much emotion and cause I can take a lot of crap and all that. but that doesnt mean I dont have feelings y’know? I have a lot of emotions and have real hard time dealing with them because I internalize all of them and keep things with me for a long time. I literally have the wight of the world on my back 24/7. one would think I could let all this out through sports, I know a bunch of people do but im not one of those people. I play hockey because I love playing not because I need a vent for my emotions. Sometimes if im pissed off when im playing it actually messes up my game rather than making me play harder. I have tried writing things down and that helps but takes too long. Typing is faster and that is where this blog comes in.

So how about my family? It is of four people and my dog who is the most awesome freaking animal in this country (aside from the okapis at the San Diego zoo)! So I have a mum and dad and an older brother who is a big ass hole and not the brightest person you will ever meet but for what ever reason everyone who meets him just loves him. Hes a fake charmer and will basically sweet talk you into loving him but he is the biggest hypocritical person I know and he drives me crazy. My parents are great, they support me in what ever it is that I want to do hockey is one of them. My family isnt to0 into it, im the only one, I just tried it a long time back and loved it and they have moved me through it every year.

School is a big part of my life. Everyone also knows me to be a very smart person. Im not sure why, I consider my self to be mildly smart when it comes to most things aside from math. History, languages, and science are my best subjects. I pick up on language very easily and learn quickly. Living in California I was able to easily learn spanish when I was younger because we have a very big spanish speaking population. In school im taking French and have been getting pretty good at that.

There is plenty more that can be said about me but I will build all that up as I want to. I figure there is enough basic info here to give people a good idea of who I am. Its a little blunt so I may appear harsher than I actually am but idk. It depends on whos reading it I guess. Im not to sure on how I should sign these things off. Should I put a pseudonym? Not sure what I would want to call my self. I think I will put down an initial. Alright signing off for now.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where to start

hey so this is my first blog post I guess. First off I would like you to also take a look here ( You may have already seen him but just incase you stumbled upon me first. He inspired me to start this blog. I decided it is a worthy cause to blog about life and stuff because im sure someone like me will read it and feel less alone and thats a great feeling for anyone I dont care who you are. I experienced it for the first time when I read Mikey’s blog, before that I felt lost and alone all the time. to know someone else felt the way I do and that im not the only one in the world was the best ever. Basically I want people to know there are more of us out there than one would think and that we really are good people and there is no reason to hate us. Im not even sure where the negativity comes from to tell you the truth. Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown but why would we be the unknown when we are your best friends or team mates that you have known for years? Im sure 100% sure in fact that there are gay athletes in every sport. One day I hope that everyone will be cool with that but for now we are left to our own devices as far as coping goes. I know Im freaked out about coming out to anybody only because im worried that suddenly they will not want to talk to me ever again or that rumors would start. I dont get why being gay would change anything but somehow it does and thats what gets me mad and confused. Well this is a start I guess. Just getting something down and out of my head feels good. Knowing it may possibly help someone is better. I will post a bit more about me later.