Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Prop 8 = GONE!



So its gone! Prop 8 the evil law that banned gay marriage in California is gone. A judge who knew better, better being that its best to kill the thing now because its not gunna last much longer anyway, struck it down and people celebrated. Me? I just heard about it. Ive been out all day with a friend of mine and just heard about it on the news. I cant be all excited though because my parents might worry. Of course in reality im pretty damn happy! Im happy for the gay community as a whole. I dont see this necessarily befitting me directly as a Californian though. The reason being is I dont think I want to stick around in California for much longer. I do however see this benefiting me and other gay people across the nation indirectly by kinda opening up the idea to other states. California is one of those high profile states, what we do often comes on to everyones radar and perhaps we will see other states legalizing gay marriage very soon. As of right now im pretty happy to be a Californian.

In other news

[Valid news here]

Idk. Summers being good to me. Ive been flying flying flying quite a bit. Bowling a bunch even.
Just enjoying in general.

The crush and I finished the french home work a few days back. That was a cute day I must say.

I haven't got much more to say about it other n that. It was just nice to spend time with him and chat a bit. He is quite a dream boat I must say. Hypnotically cool. I just feel awesome when I talk to him and right. Relaxed especially. I just kinda morph into a more toned down and calm person around him. I love it. I think I love him...maybe too much. Something has appeared on the horizon that looks a bit dark and troubling. Ive already toyed with the idea that he may be just a crazy straight guy and told my self I would be okay with that if he was. I also told my self If I cant be his boyfriend id want to be his best friend, but thats even looking murky for various reasons. idk...Im trying to stay positive about this.

More later



  1. It's funny, I don't even know what the state of Gay Marriage is in Canada... kinda fail haha

    You're right though, something like this passing has resonation in all countries. Like a challenge waiting to be met.

    Your crush sounds like the guy I fell in love with back in High School. How you two act and everything. Reminds me of him. Makes me want to make a post on him...

    Right, this blog along with a few others got me wanting to start my own. Just wanted to say that what you're doing here means something to people. The effort is not wasted. I'm 17 myself, and this is one blog that I really can relate to. So thank you.

    Hope something good comes of crush guy.


  2. dude i just read ur other post when u were just bout t come out to ur crush n i was like "damn! so close man!"
    but if u dont feel its the right time n place n person then take more time to think bout it.
    sucks that i'm half way around the world from my crush. fuck i miss shrek.
    n i too kept sayin to myself that i'll be ok about being just friends with him but its coming to light especially in my last post that i may not actually be as ok as i thought i'd be. but of course its just a phase.