Sunday, July 25, 2010

not too serious

I intend to change my blog tone up a bit. I want to feel a bit less silly if you know what I mean. I want to be a bit more serious but not too serious as far as subjects. I want to train my self a bit better in blog delivery. I can speak so well but my blog seems to lack the fluidity and clarity that my spoken word has and I would like to try to bring that into here. I also want to talk more about a wider variety of things. I would like some input so if there is anything you want to hear from me let me know. This will give my blog a back bone and should make my posts less messy and help me clear my thoughts a bit more. Seeing that hockey is not happening until later that side of the house wont be heard from for a while but there are still other sports I like to bicker over and intend to do just that. So I will keep you updated. Just like my life this blog is a work in progress. It will grow as I do and change as I do. So give me some input and I will see you all around.


  1. Idk you could talk more about music and regular everyday stuff… stuff that you like… that way he can know you better and you can lighten up.

    Btw Valdres is gonna be tough… the timing there is tricky and the nuances are very important. I love Sousa too.

  2. Tyler, your blog seems fine to me the way that it is. Blogs are informal, an online journal in many ways, so just sharing your thoughts is fine. It's not literature and is just for sharing and fun.

    Regarding your last post, there isn't a good alternative to "gay." People have a need for some labels - tall, short, Italian, male, female, hockey player, etc. So there needs to be some title indicating people who are attracted to the same sex. It seems that younger people like yourself don't like the labels, and I can see that, but there needs to be a way to let people know that our attractions are different from the majority.

  3. I like your blog just how it is, because it feels like YOU. I dunno, write whatever you want to, whether it's serious or silly.

  4. Quick question. So I'm 17 (one year older, yeah?). Going to Uni this year. Canadian. To get to the point, I was wondering whether you've ever actually liked other guys beyond 'crush' guy? Like not just looked at, but you know, liked other guys.

    Apparently I can only like one guy, and it's f//kin' annoying. Makes being straight (and bi, as I annoyingly have to label my self now -_-) difficult. And 'cause of this guy it's difficult, uhm, move on I suppose? I don't feel like elaborating on what that means haha

    I realize you only like guys, but something of the question still applies. Maybe I'm asking for advice? Thoughts? I'm not sure ;P

    Oh, and I enjoy your blog haha
    Has the right amount of everything. Just keep it going and I'm sure you won't disappoint anyone. Or at least not me. Then I'm not lying or conjecturing, or what have you.


  5. @nate

    Im sorry im getting back to you so late. I try not to be so laggy. I only recently discovered that I can see comments on all of my posts at once. Well I have liked other guys but not as much. I think its because he gets my hopes up. Like all other guys are like "no hes straight cant do anything there" but crush guy is different. He gets me on all levels. I love everything about him and on top of all of that I might have a chance with him. Im not too hard to please. I like to say I just know what I want. Imagine I have a check list. He fills in all those checks and then some AND THEN some. Other guys just dont do it for me aside from being nice to look at from time to time. It sounds like you may have a check list too. You like me just know what you want. It doesn't hurt to be particular about things. You want what makes you happy and what makes you happen is on that subconscious check list. Do I make sense? Yeah it might seem annoying. Dont worry about labeling your self if it annoys you lol. Thanks for reading.
    I hope to hear from you again soon.