Sunday, December 5, 2010

Winter Awesome!

Urgent Eagle Project Update:
Not really urgent but I thought id let you all know how its been coming. I am now in the final stages of that schniz! Wooo! I dont remember if I even mentioned when my project was but that was a while ago. Its been a nice long journey of submitting paperwork and getting a great big binder of stuff together since then. That will be a nice thing to have off my plate and the rank of Eagle a nice feather in my cap. Pretty cool stuff.

Yeah thats right. Its snowing on my page! The winter months are upon, the heater is blowing, its noon and its 53 degrees outside (remember thats cold to us california goons), there is snow on the mountains, cider in my cup, life is good.
Winter break approaches! I noticed I totally neglected to tell you about the excitement of...Winter Recreational Hockey!! Thats been going on for a while now hasn't it? I think I said something about a practice or bit of ice time we got. Idk why but all that seems to be in the back of my mind as of late. You'd think it might be at the front of everything, but its not. I cant say anything is ahead of anything else at the moment. Life at current is a cloud of excitement, and thats probably my favorite thing about winter is its endless excitement (so long as the cloudy wether doesnt make you severely depressed, st johns wort ftw!)
either way I think you should know by now how the hockey situation works over here. I do the rec thing in winter then my school season starts in late spring should I chose to ignore Mr goon and play then.
My friend offered to take me up to the mountains with his family to go snowboarding over break. I accepted with out hesitation! I pulled out all my boarding stuff, and its now in the corner of my room. Looking at it smiling right now in fact. I bought it last year after a few years of trying it out and loving it. I went a bunch with scouts no I go with friends. I tried skiing and it was fun but It felt less fun as shredding down a slope on a board. I went on this cross country ski trip with my scout troop a few years ago. That was pretty fun. I felt like a swiss alpine patrolman (Im probly the only one who can get excited by that)
To my readers (if any exist) who have been to or live near whistler...I envy you! One of these days I will go their for some winter awesome but for now I must stick with our local ranges. Ours aren't bad at all though. I think mammoth was ranked 4th best place for boarding (whistler being #1)
A bunch of places in France...check it out
Its where todays picture is from.

Now im really stoked just by talking about it!

We put our Christmas lights up the other day, we get our tree this week. OH man I love the holidays. Seriously! I love the sprit most people have, the cool atmosphere most places get, I love giving gifts to people as much as I may enjoy getting some of my own.
Ill put up a play list of holiday music to enhance the mood...

You know what else is awesome this time of year? FLYING!
You bet! plenty of forces to bump you around so best watch out but when you know what you're doing its pretty cool. Night flying can be even more of a treat. All the houses decked out with lights. The whole city looks gold(ier). Spotting giant lighted outdoor trees is fun too.

Just gotta text asking if I want to go skate...HECK YES I DO! so Ill leave it at that.

Catch you all later in the week.



  1. tyler dude...
    bonus on the eagle project.. i knew you could do it.... im happy you decided you wanted to do it...
    um btw, about your music playlist... ive had one on my blog for a while now... how did you set the custom picture behind yours?
    prolly a blogger or java thing... but id like to try and understand how to do that so i can maybe do it too....

    ~ cheers...

  2. holiday weatherrr makes me so happy. its kind of depressing at first cuz its just really damn cold outside but then the christmas lights come out and the snow covers everything and its just really cool lol. Does hockey help with snowboarding at all?

  3. @david

    hey!! the custom picture is done on the web site you get it from. you get to the last step and it says add custom photo. Then you go hunt one down on the internet and find its root address. In other words you hunt down the URL that ends in .jpg so when you enter it into your browser bar only the picture shows up. You plug that whole address into the entry form on the web site when asked and TADA! its part of the script and on the back ground. hope that helps. Tell me if you need any more details.

  4. @tommy s.

    Idk if hockey helps with snowboarding. with balance perhaps. Winter is great all around I think. It is best when you can combat the cold however because it can really mess you up if youre not warm.