Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Haiku dump

I just got bit by the haiku bug and had to shoot out a few of them to insure I could live another day...not really, but you get the point.
Heres ten.

First period done
Zamboni comes off the ice
second period

you should play hockey!
what do you play when your fat?
you should play goalie.

so much snow to shred
two feet in a night, thats nuts
lets go boarding NOW!

(European opinion)
The US is dumb
the imperial system
need I say much more?

My skates are too sharp
they cut a hole through my bag
cover your blades kids

the rental skates suck
they have toe breaks and look dumb
I bring my own skates

they play good music
they are playing cold play now
never mind they don't

Mercator is best
NO Gall-Peters is better
you're both idiots!

locker room chatter
"dude your stick is really cool"
sounds pretty wrong eh?

this is not a horse
this is a zebra dumb ass
Racing Stripes' plot line

Couldn't keep a theme going like I had hoped. I feel that should hold me over in the 17 syllable japanese poem department for a while.

(that in haiku form)

Couldn't hold a theme
I had hoped I would do that
I think I'm done now

"I am down right amazed at what I can destroy with just a hammer" (17 syllables)



  1. "this is not a horse
    this is a zebra dumb ass
    Racing Stripes' plot line"

    - best one....

    ~ cheers...

  2. that's a shit ton Dude
    of Haiku I don't know what
    to say --- so many.