Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I've nothing more to tell you—I'll survive without it—

Ive been working on this in between stacks of college admission craziness. Its been helping to keep my essay writing clean.
Yeah whatever. dont be offended that you are reading through my writers dust bin. Dont demand perfection from a guy in high school...ya doucher.

Yet again I make my return to haunt the internet though my ghost of a blog. I'm sure there is some overly critical bastard is thinking "this kid said he was done with us and never to return! He's a liar! CHARLATAN!" Dude...stfu. Its a blog if you hate it that much you may unfollow it.
Anyway...here I am (again) to unleash some thoughts unto the internet and anyone who cares to read the raving thoughts of another nut who has access to the internet. For those of you observant people who are like "wth! where have all of the identifying labels and social categories gone?" You ought to read the previous post. In short FUCK labels. Ive had enough. Dont even bother.
Think of the following as an open letter to anyone who is younger than me. If you're older and still get something out of it thats cool too. Its here to help anyone who may need it.

Dear Colton,
Here you are sitting on the threshold of high school and you have no clue what to do or what this whole place is all about. Believe me this is not the last time this is going to happen to you. Though you may be nervous, and even slightly intimidated you are going to be alright in the end of all of this. Yeah four years seems like a long time, but in the whole scheme of things it is quite literally a blink of an eye. Before you know it your freshman year will be over and you will move on to your sophomore year just to realize it ends just as soon. Bizarre I know. Im sure these weeks feel as if they are moving so slow but you'll believe me when its suddenly March. So back to the issue of what to do about your next four years here. I dont require you to be a genius or prodigy, but I do hope that you try your absolute best to do all that you want to. If there is something you want to do DO IT! it's as easy as that. Work toward a major goal like getting into a college or perhaps even simply graduating then working from there, but enjoy your time all the while; just dont lose sight of your long term goals. You'll only regret the stuff you didn't do when you had the chance so do it now. Don't be afraid to take chances and make mistakes. All of your experiences will make you a better person and help you to grow. DONT SELL YOURSELF SHORT! A wise friend of mine told me that. Be true to yourself and be yourself! Thomas Jefferson said "in matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle stand like a rock".
You're gonna make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes! You need to learn from them. There is an old arabian proverb that goes something like; if something happens once then it wont happen again, but if it happens a second time it is sure to happen a third. In other words; don't do the same stupid thing twice! Keep your chin up in times where you feel you aren't preforming at your peak. Your teenage years are by no means your "prime". Take it easy.
Dont you dare dabble in drugs! I will murder you if I find out you've been fucking around with the wrong stuff. It seems stupid for me to encourage free thought and action, and limit you here but believe me you'll thank me when you're clean and successful, and not slow and dependent on artificial highs. Find something else to do. make it productive. Say no to drugs. enough said.
Sleep and relax! try and get a full 8 hours 9 if you can swing it! I got 10 on a week day once before! Eat breakfast in the morning, and don't eat shit for lunch. Let lunch time be your chill time. Dont pour over the stresses of your day just chill out with a few friends instead.
Make some alone time for your self, and fill it with something you enjoy. If you enjoy napping, nap. if you enjoy running, run. Do what you like to do because you want to.
Chill with your friends every now and then. Take a break and go to a movie, hang out in the park, do whatever just don't let your working life weigh on you.
Need help making friends? Just start talking to people! Be calm and have something to say, an opinion perhaps, and people will be receptive. Be your self and stick with the people who gravitate to you. If you need to bend over backward to be friends with somebody then they aren't really a friend.
Don't steal, don't lie, don't cheat. Don't let people walk over you! Stand strong and work for yourself first! If something isnt working out seek to resolve it.

Call this a start. Sorry its so late. I will keep in touch and try to help you when I can.
Don't be afraid, and don't panic.

Catch up later buddy


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