Friday, June 11, 2010

barry white serenading my rather interesting life

So yea. Let me start off by saying that my ipod is very private. Like ive got a password on the thing and try to keep it pretty well concealed all because ive got some crazy stuff on there. My taste in music goes from alternative to zydeco (get it? A-Z) and everything in between. Anyway I will put the thing on shuffle or on an album when I get bored in class and listen if my teacher lets us. Today in french was one of those days where it was on shuffle and im sitting there looking around of course my eye is caught by that guy ive been crushing on. I will often pretend im looking past him or spacing out just so I can look at him like a creeper. Right when I put my head on my backpack (thats on my desk by now) and look over at him and "space out" You're the first my last my everything by Barry White starts playing. I could only sit there and smile goofily and kinda laugh a bit. Damn I sound like a creeper dont I? Idk hes just too damn cute.
This prolly raises questions like "did you ask him out yet?" etc. Well sorta kinda I did. I dont know if im ready to be like dateish with him like not date date just him and I type thing so I invited another bud of ours to come along. We are going golfing Saturday. Im actually pretty stoked because we get to be out for quite a bit. He also has never been so I get to teach him how and mess around a bit. Hes also gunna use my old clubs. Im loveing this right now.

For some reason I feel you have been way way out of the loop cuz I havent been blogging as much. Lets make a list of important events you may have missed or I never told you about.

  • I can legally drive!
  • WHAP is over. Finished my huge essay hurrah.
  • Signed up for AP US History. Already started on the summer work
  • School drags on
  • Hockey team made it to the league finals
  • Hockey team lost the final playoff game
  • Enjoyed the hawks anticlimactic Stanley cup victory.
Why do I call it anticlimactic? Well we (hockey fan friends and I) were excited however going to school the next day where nobody gives a shit and all talking about basketball and the coming world cup games kinda weakens the excitement of the night before.

what else to talk about. not much. Watched France and Uruguay play at school today. About to watch a show on the old south east asian empires...only I would. Dont worry Im going out at 7:30 with some friends.

alright bye for now



  1. I've never heard of anyone who had a password on their iPod before. I can't imagine what's on there that's so bad that you wouldn't want anyone to find it. Is it Justin Bieber?

  2. @Joe in Philly

    Oh god no! lol none of him. Eh just a crazy bunch of stuff people will give me shit for. Some good age appropriate stuff but lots of "oldies" classical music, weird music like my swiss yodeling album. Mind you its not something I listen to everyday but its still on there for when...idk why the hell its on there but it is.

  3. I thought your crush was straight? but have fun golfing :)

  4. @Jon

    we are still working on figuring that out. Hes one of those mixed signal people I guess. idk. Uh hes pretty awesome though. Like I said before if it turns out hes not gay and cant be my boyfriend im gunna make him my friend regardless.

  5. @Tyler

    Yodeling? I think that beats my German drinking songs cd.

  6. @Jeff

    ahahahaha. Ive got an Irish drinking CD I should get a german one too eh?

  7. I would have said it was anticlimactic cause Kane's goal was weird.

    Haha, sounds like my iPod, except I don't have a password, I just warn people it's embarrassing, doesn't really phase me. And I do have Justin Bieber on there :) Also have lots of old music, and this nature CD of wolves.