Saturday, June 12, 2010

The golf game

YEAH! So I enjoyed today with the crush and other bud out on the course. I had a pretty lazy day otherwise.
So I got us a tee time the other day for 9:40am today so my other friend shows up at my house at what about 9:00 and the crush a bit later like at 9:15. The course isnt too far from where I live and I walk there all the time. Its actually like a legit country club too. It has a pretty long waiting list and I only have a membership because it was willed to my dad and he doesn't golf and somehow he got me to and I use it now. I am able to bring guests along so its pretty nice. So it all starts when we head out. I give the crush my other club bag (used to be my brothers but all he does is drive now so I commandeered the rest of the clubs and put my back up driver in the set) and he had I hell of a time getting the thing on. His struggle was kinda cute I must say and it only confirmed to my friend and I that we will get to f with him all morning long and f we did.
We got there right on time and there was a cart waiting and everything (that I get to drive now :D) of course my bud feels the need to call shot gun (dick) and have my crush ride in the back.
there really isnt anything else exciting about the morning golfing though. We golfed all 18 holes...the crush struggled, I helped, we made fun of him at the same time (all playful though), and then we all had lunch. It was nice to get to go out and enjoy a pretty nice morning with him though. We had great weather and a good time so yea. All is well.
I love the course...I love the crush. I actually enjoyed helping him. He talks so calmly it kinda brings me down a few pegs too. Its great cuz im always so ratcheted up and he brings me back down. Being at the course made me even more relaxed. He and I decided that we would do the summer homework for french together. Im kinda pissed im not takeing APES (AP Environmental Science) now because he asked me to be his study buddy for that also. I was like "UGH damn it I was gunna take it too" He found it funny that I was so pissed I wouldnt be doing summer homework with him. lol. Because the universe hates me hes hooked up with another good (not gay) friend of mine to do it. I dont know if I have said it before but im ridiculously territorial and defensive of things I find important. He falls under that category so idk ive just got to keep my self calm and remind my self this other guys not interested.

Alright thats all for now
Blog'acha later (interesting contraction)

P.S. If MOSQUITOS are still carrying west nile you might stop hearing from me. Those suckers were all over me today (lol vector pun)


  1. Man I'm jealous that you have golf membership. hmm excited for french homework now? lol.

  2. i went golfing with my crush as well! but your golf course sounds much nicer then the one we went too.

    what classes are you taking next year?

    I am taking APWH, any suggestions for summer reading to help me get a head start?

  3. @Bi Dude NY (BDNY)

    Yea! its pretty sweet. I never thought I would be excited about summer work lol.

  4. @Jon

    Im taking

    French 3 Honors
    English 3 Honors
    Pre Calc
    US History AP

    and proly photography. I find out my official schedule in late august.

    APWH AP World history? I would recommend getting the Princeton review book just cuz it really helped get me ready for the exam as far as knowing what to expect. Idk of any other good books off hand. The exam tends to cover 1100CE-1600CE so a book on something from that period would be a good read.

  5. I'm assuming he's still sending mixed signals?

  6. Very funny post. “Because the Universe hates me” lol. Looks like you’re badly falling for him.

  7. You can always about "Let's French each other" or "I need to practice my French with you" and see how he responds, lol.

    Good to see you use "CE" instead of "AD." I thought that I was one of the few to do that.

  8. That should have been 'You can always say...' No idea how 'about' got in there.