Friday, June 25, 2010

ive gotta be quick

so im in the middle of packing. Im going on a trip for a week. (here we all say. If you get the joke reference macaroni salad in a comment) I dont think I can blog from there but a short story for you all before I go. Today I basically woke up and was like "fuck it all im telling the crush I love him" so I did. I will lighten the cliff hanger by telling you its all going in a good direction. I haven't been slammed so thats good. Anyway I really need to get back to packing so I guess I will talk to you all in a week. I guess prolly around the same time.
see ya

PS. This is prolly one of the sweetest ads ive ever seen.


  1. i cant believe that was a mcD commercial... thats quite a commercial i gotta say.

  2. big news in Tyler's world! Good to hear. Enjoy your vacation.

    Did any of you hear the fox news reaction to that ad? Bill O'Reilly almost compared gays to terrorists... have a look.

    Ending on a positive note, I thought the ad was amazing and I'm very proud they had the guts to make and air it. Now if only other cultures would be more open to doing that...

  3. @Taylor

    I know I saw that! I was like WTF!!!

    "do they have an ad for terrorists?"

    I like...jumped out of my seat. Hes such an idiot.

  4. That commercial is freaking amazing. Anyway, I'm glad that to hear that everything is working out for you. Hope you enjoy your trip!

  5. Tyler congratulations, that is awesome. Have fun on your trip and I am so happy that it sounds like you may have your first bolyfriend! Yay, so is your crush also the first person you have come out to then?

  6. CONGRATS!!! I expect details when you get back.

    Am I missing the awesomeness of the ad? All I see is a gay guy and a clueless dad. I feel really stupid, but why is it so amazing? (yes the kid is gay, but that in and of itself isn't groundbreaking in commercials anymore)

  7. Maddy, it's fricken ground-breakin cause 1)It's McDoodles n b) it's showin they're a company who don't care who eats it's slop...

    You'll never see the ad for the US audience. Bill O'Righteous and the rest of the FOX gasbags wouldn't allow that! Props to McDonald's for showin some balles. Now if they'd jus show some bigger balls over here then I'd really be McStonished ... :)

    P.S. Hey Tyler dude! Hope you had/having a great time. Cheers! ~ J:)

  8. Wow I guess I just didn't see it as "groundbreaking". I mean, I am proud McDonalds is voicing their support, and it is a cute commercial, but I can't say I am surprised. So I understand point b) is great but I guess I don't get point a). Maybe I'm naive in thinking big corporations like that can't afford to be homophobic or they'd get their asses sued. Maybe I'm just used to ads featuring gay people being no big deal in Canada.

  9. C’mon Tyler tell us more… What did he say when you told him you love him?

    Have fun. Cheers, Luke

  10. That was a great commercial; I wish they would air something like that here in North America. Thanks Tyler! I hope all is well with you and your family.