Friday, June 4, 2010

Still crazy busy + SAT subject test

So this last week

term paper for whap (1776 words) Its just about done

Crazy group projects in every class whap included. all involved posters that I refused to take home with me. Normally I would but I need every second of down time I can get this weekend.

Several tests


The weekend


SAT subject test (world history)

Finish term paper


Im sleeping in if my essays done and when I wake up I will finish up a part of another project

I won tickets in a gift basket to see a play so I get to go see that

More rest

When I write it all down it doesnt seem like too much but then I remember I have other things too all coming at me in the future. like I need to write this essay for an application and need to write a letter to my french pen pal and and and....Enough ands already! Summer is just around the corner and so is...a summer job and summer hw....f@$%

Im gunna be fine. I just need to keep telling my self that and I will be.

Alright bet now so I can get up and get down on that SAT subject test. BOO YAHH!



  1. woo how fun. I took two subject tests this morning it took like 3 hours. And I definitely did terrible on both -sigh- I hate the end of the year plus summer is so close...

  2. was 1776 words chosen on purpose?

  3. @Madeleine

    You bet it was! July 4th 1776 the year the United States gained its independence from the British! Its a paper on the US presidents so its only fitting. Im going over because im crazy.

  4. @tommy s.

    Rut row! Im sure the crazy curve will save you. Im holding out for summer too. It should be fun.

  5. Psss, Tyler, I gotta tell ya a lil secret too. When I was in school used to study on my holidays cause I missed learning. Now is that sick or what?

    Well the upside is that it occupies your mind with other stuff…

  6. @Luke

    Pssst, promise not to tell this to anyone else okay but I do the same thing. Im pretty bat shit insane I know but you know when im valedictorian I wont seem so crazy :)

  7. Hey what gives… all valedictorian should be in insane asylums where these nurses with huge butterfly catching nets will be running after them. Now that’s insane!

  8. Tyler, I've got bad news or maybe it's good news. :) You can never get away from learning - well at least if you want to be successful.

    Guys like me are constantly having to deal with you young smart kids graduating from school. If we want to keep up (and keep employed), we've got keep learning! :) When I graduated HS, the internet (as we know it) hadn't been invented and Google meant ... well it meant nothing at all, lol. So you got keep learning because the world keeps advancing.

    So I probably do more homework now than when I was in school just because I've got young guns like you with brains full of knowledge and ideas challenging me to get smarter. So learning will be a constant. :)

  9. woah, cool i didnt know tthere was a curve haha

  10. @GayEMTNJ\

    You say this like I hate learning. lol I love it and cant get enough! I guess im all set then! lol