Monday, June 21, 2010

Todays fantastic hug of awesomeness

This needs to be put up now. I'm like beaming right now. The crush went ahead and hugged me today and I went ahead and hugged back! I didn't want to stop. He didn't stop and I didn't push him away. Yea we could say he's hinting i hope we could say I'm hinting back. He still could be being a weirdo but it was still a hug and I still loved it! Course I could run like 8 laps right now and still feel like I can go 20 more. It was in French, he just kinda sliped in with a hug and I went on an accepted. I'm in math right now and we aren't doing anything. I might slip out of here and return my books. Idk I'm just kinda excited. I'm doing this from my phone. It's kinda weird. I forgot my yearbook on the last full day of school so signatures might be lacking. No finals today they start tomorow. Shakespeare and American lit in English and French oral presentation. (block scedual) I think I'm gunna go in for another tomorrow. Is that too desperate looking? I've tryed to play it cool all year don't want to break that. I've got like 30 min left in this class. Typeing a blog with two thumbs is not enough of to vent how crazy happy I am! Again again! Make it happen again. It was two periods ago and I'm still crazy. You should have seen me hold that back in french. Man that was hard. Or in whap. I ended up tackleing someone while playing spoons. Sitting still in math is not helping. I'm crazy I know. It kinda sucks cuz I don't have anyone to really talk to in this class. Not like I would be able to talk about what I want to anyway. We are listening to some crazy radio station I have never tuned into anyway. I'll talk more later I guess. After I get home.
-Tyler (from his math class on his cell phone)


  1. Ahhhh I'm all smiley for you!!! :) :D

  2. Congrats Tyler. I hope that you and the crush are going to stay in touch (the pun wasn't intended but it works) over the summer.

  3. ya go us. we're cool like that cuz we blog from our phones. brap! lol

    dude thats pretty neat how ur high skool lets students have--not to mention USE ur phones in class.

    ya i definetely like getting hugs from my crush too. i especially like it cuz he's big n strong n potentially cuddle-able. too bad he's straight.

  4. @green and purple

    Hahahah. yea we had better! Nice pun I liked it!

  5. @Joey

    Some teachers are more lenient than others and my math teacher is pretty alright. Normally we cant have our phones out in class and I still dont think we can but I have an iphone and he said we could play games on our ipods so I just made it look like I was gaming. As for the crush being straight...excuse my french but I still have no fucking clue if he is or he isnt. All I know is that Im having him over one of these days or several. Will I ever work this out? yeah prolly. Lets just hope it goes in the right direction yeah?

  6. hey btw guess wut? i'm about to come out to my crush this sunday. no fuckin idea wut i'll expect but stay tuned next monday or something haha. cant believe of all ppl he'd be first. this'll be interesting...

  7. Happy to see your dedication toward the game as i am a sportsman as well...

    Best Of Luck
    UK Gay Community