Saturday, May 15, 2010

48+ hours later

So its officially past 48 hours since I took my AP exam and that means I can officially talk about it without living in fear of having my scores pulled and deleted.
This is what I was told by the proctor. She said we may not discuss the test to anyone by any means for 48 hours after we have finished and we may never discuss the multiple choice questions ever or our scores will be removed. Its a little harsh if you ask anyone but here I am following the rules.
So I think I did pretty good on the whole thing. The essays were harder than I had planed for but I know I included all the parts necessary and the best part is that the test is graded on a curve so if I thought the essays were hard a bunch of other people did too and may not have done as well to include all of the crazy bits we had to put in for full points.
Ive been sorta busy since then but I did the greatest thing Thursday night after the exam. I got a good 9 hours of sleep in! I had nothing to study for and nothing to cram over or whap work to be done because its all over! Its great cuz now all I need to do is this project thing in that class and not much more for the rest of the year.
Ive just been relaxing for most of today and yesterday. Watching random documentaries on what ever, sleeping, not doing whap homework. Life is okay right now.

Les Canadiens de Montréal ont joué du bon hockey récents hein? J'aime les habs! Où est mon Willy Waller? Cette chose est génial! Je peux maintenant éplucher les pommes de terre pas quatre fois plus vite, mais deux fois plus rapide! UNBELIEVABLE!

I just made a french canadian funny.

Anyway. I have nothing to do cuz I didnt make plans to do anything today. Thats been for better or worse cuz I have nothing to do and thats great cuz I can relax but, I have nothing to do and that sucks cuz im bored now. Oh the situations I put my self in. My brother just got home and it sounds like he brought someone over. I should prolly go out and rollerblade or something.
My pertness are out of town this weekend to go visit my grand pertness. They left Thursday so I didnt go with them.

I am reading a new book. Its pretty interesting its called The Broken Spears. Its the Aztec account of the Spanish conquest of their empire. Its the side less told so I decided to give it a look. Ive got thing for non fiction books right now I cant get enough of them.
I never got to watch the third season of the BBCs Robin Hood so I went out and bought it. I loved the first two seasons and am loving the third.
Tomorrow Im going to go see the new Robin Hood movie. If you couldn't tell I like Robin Hood for some reason. I was gunna ask that crush of mine if he wanted to go see it but I chickened out. Im seeing it with another friend of mine. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the movie if I saw it with my crush anyway because I would be more focused on him than anything else.

I think I have said all I have to say for now.
Later as always
à demain pour mes amis français


  1. This mourning I had a French exam and you just reminded me I spelled Òu wrong. It should have been Où tu habites? Damn

    Je ne comprends pas le pommes de terre blague.

    Nice to see you back.

    GO HABS GO!!! What an exciting playoff!

    Have you read Ivanhoe? It’s from that Robin Hood time.

    À demain mon ami.

    P.S: I liked that clock and that music about monkey and hockey kids while you were out.

  2. tyler... congrats on being done with all that ap testing and cali standardized stuff too..
    in college i had a history professor that taught u.s. history from the perspective of the native americans.... thats some interesting fucked up shit....

    - cheers d

    ps.. i thought "hockey monkey" was pretty cool too...

  3. Just saw the new Robin Hood last night - have to say, if you actually like Robin Hood, you might not want to see this; it's even worse if you know anything about British history.

    Oh well, it's got some fun action sequences, but there isn't a laugh in the whole movie. That's Ridley Scott for you.

  4. Saw it last night, hoped for more, and I do know about British History. You should have gone with your crush. I loved the Hockey monkey song.

  5. Tu aime les Habs? Ah mon dieu, je deteste les Canadiens, et j'espere que les Blackhawks et mon petit-ami Jonathan gagnant la Coupe de Stanley.

    (I am terribly sorry for any mistakes, it's been 2 years. Though I got most of what you wrote, except what is the verb eplucher?)

    Congrats on the AP going well, I hope you get full marks! And yeah, they get a little intense, though not as bad as the MCAT (I'm writing it this summer) where they finger print you.

    Robin Hood looks interesting, but I keep thinking didn't they do this already with Kevin Costner? I like the Disney version myself.

  6. @david

    Fucked up yea but also interesting. Its history, what happened happened and nobody can hide or change the truth.

  7. @Luke


    If Où is the only thing you have got to worry about I dont think there is much to worry about. lol Never read ivanhoe. One day I will

  8. @Austin

    Yea. The historical inaccuracies got to me too. For Shame!

  9. @Jeff

    I enjoy how hockey monkey and my place holder clock have gotten such rave reviews. Shall I make them return?

  10. @Madeleine

    lol. I find it funny that you are saying sorry to me the american in a mid level high school french class for your errors. lol. No prob at all trust me. Im not here to criticize anyones french just here to learn it :P.
    Yours is bonne. Eplucher is to peel a potato.