Saturday, May 29, 2010

All work and no play PISSES TYLER OFF!

So I have been pretty busy writing a term paper for whap or playing hockey or doing what ever I guess. Im takeing the SAT subject test for world history on the 5th. So much school stuff! UGH. I would say im looking forward to summer and I am but I will be doing summer hw for Apush (AP US History) and French 3 Honors. Ugh? yea. Im also taking some extra random classes on things that interest me. One is a class on conduction an orchestra and music theory. Me and my music lol. Im doing it with a friend whos big on marching band he wants to be drum major in his sr. year so hes hoping it will help. What else is up? Idk what else is up. Im just kinda finishing out the school year. Ive got a 3 day weekend for memorial day! I always make a point to remember those who have served my country and lost their lives for my rights and the rights of others as well as the spread of democracy through the world. Hurrah for them!

alright I gotta go now (also dont have much more to say)


  1. homework in the summer? gross.....though around july and august I will sympathize as I prepare for my MCAT

  2. music theory was boring... just letting you know. It's all really basic. At least from my experience and I'm pretty into composing. Music theory 2 and AP are good tho if your school offers that

  3. @Madeleine

    Oh boy MCAT! that should be fun :P I wish you luck Maddy. Thats pretty big. Im sure you be fine and do great!

  4. @tommy s.

    Its actually not though my school (that one is very boring) This is through the city and focuses more on conducting than anything else. I think I will be alright. I never get bored even in the most boring classes because I might just be the biggest nerd in the solar system but we keep that on the dl alright? lol