Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 3 of the long weekend

Today is memorial day in the United States I dont think our friends north of the 49th celebrate it. That brings me to my next subject and what todays picture is of.

I came across this picture and I thought it is pretty cool looking. It is a bit of the US Canadian border. Im not sure why its cleared out but it looks cool. I think its cool we share the longest unmilitarized boarder in the world (although there are missiles on either side, thanks cold war). I think its a testament to our long friendship. Im reading a book about the relations of the US presidents and Canadian prime ministers that served at the same time. Some got pretty pissed at each other others rarely spoke and some were like best buds. Spoiler alert: If in years to come you see a president who loves hockey and flying and has an appointed first lady its prolly me. lol
People always do that to me. People will say "Tyler when you become president can you do..." Its never if its when. It makes me laugh. Do I see my self as president? No really. Congress yea Senate yea. Stranger people have been elected governor also. I still love my flying and I will always be a pilot first in my mind however people like me have been pushed into politics before. But yea thats one of the many jokes people will make. That and they call me Dr. Tyler or Professor Tyler because I apparently speak english too well or seem to know too much. They call me google too.
I dont act like a know it all. People just ask me questions about random things and I have answers. I was once told something that seemed to apply to me well. "Try to learn something about everything and everything about something" Im not sure who said it to begin with but its kind of the way I think. My everything would be aviation science and then I want to know just a little something about everything else y'know. Im the type who loves learning. To some people that sounds weird but not to me. Like I told someone the other day, the way I see it is right now im a scholar and nothing else. That is what I do for now so I might as well be good at it.
Im nerdy but you wouldn't be able to tell if you knew me though personality only. I keep that a secret too among other things.

I like telling the blogoverse my random secrets. Its nice to be free of them for a change.

Well im off to go do some more 3 day weekend like things. Looks like pick up hockey is in order a few hours from now.
Talk later



  1. nerdy comment of the day: they're actually supposed to keep a 20 ft strip of the border unobstructed the entire way, that's why the trees are clear-cut.

    I imagine we're pretty similar in the random-facts department... when I graduated I was voted most likely to be the next bill gates lol, more in the overall nerd sense than anything else

  2. tyler... do collect stamps?

    - cheers.... david

  3. Dude, why don't we live in the same place? we would so get along! I'm always full of random trivia.
    I hope someday you are president and that you fix America.

  4. @Taylor

    lmao! I got that too going out of middle school. That and most likely to be president lol. Thanks for explaining the whole strip situation.

  5. @Madeleine

    Why dont I live in Canada? I bet we would get along we all need to keep in touch yea? As friends do.

  6. Its scary how much we are alike besides the whole flying thing. I can barely drive a car :). O and instead of most likely to be president i got most likely to work at my school. O and dont worry about being called a fraud because i am with you on the collecting things except i collect post cards.

  7. hah ur a fake tyler...

    jk that was sarcasm. i only wanted to poke fun at u. u sound pretty believable i think.

    dang y'all sound so smart. i feel like the dumb commenter/reader here lol.

    btw that pic looks so sick. i could just sled down that... border or something n then jump into the lake. tho i'd prolly die.

  8. fuck you kid.... all i asked was if you collected stamps.. i do, and i did at your age... i thought that i was seeing a lot of me-as-a-kid in your posts... maybe not... just chill... i dont question your authenticity, ive seen you on cam, however briefly at madeleines... jeeeez... maybe i shouldve asked the question differently, idk.. sorry man...

    -cheers.. david

  9. @david

    Oh my. Im sorry David. I didnt mean for you to feel like I was going off on you personally there. Im in one of those moods today where im far to easy to set off. I shouldn't bog on those days eh? Yea im sorry I just had the question of fraud brought up far to many times after mikeys blog died. Im just trying to avoid that in what was a less than acceptable way. Again I apoligize.

  10. lol I was reading this and I was thinking "this is so me." Apparently, it is "so everyone else in our group" too lol.

    In my case, I think it stems from the fact that I can't leave a question unanswered. So if someone says "I wonder why X is or how Y works or where Z got started" if I don't know, I have to go research it and figure it out. Then I simply remember it.

    Some of it comes from my grandfather in that he always told me to always pay attention to everything and everyone. He you can always learn something from every situation and from every person so don't pass up the chance.

    I've always been fascinated with how things work too. Needless to say the science channel "How It Works" Memorial Day marathon was DVR gold for me, lol.

    (Of course I didn't know why the strip was there but thankfully Taylor clued us in before I had to go look it up. Thanks, Taylor! :) )

  11. @ tyler... peace dude...

    - cheers... david

  12. There's a book about U.S. Presidents and Canadian Prime Ministers and how they got along????? What's it called? Are you reading it for a class or for fun?

    And I'm not making fun of you, you should see some of the stuff I read.