Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good game

WON hockey again. No goals from me but a few assists. Id like to think I did okay. Im doing better now than I was the other day. Idk if its the high from tonight's game or what ever but im doing better.
So I love having all of my random secret activities that I do and tell nobody else but the blogosphere about. Its nice to finally tell someone y'know? Its like sweet just to "let my hair down"...idk where I got that one from.
Anyway I keep most of these secret not because I am ashamed of them but because I just dont really want people to know because if people dont know crap they wont give a crap.

Aye, first biggun...I play classical piano. It was by choice. like some kids are forced into it by their parents but not me. I just kinda wanted to lern how to play a few years ago and here we are. Im telling you this cuz I mentioned it on formspring and mentioned that I like Debussy and all that. It freaks my mom out because I change personalities when I am behind the keys. I just dont like messing around to tell you the truth. If you want to convey the song properly you need to feel it and you cant be laughing and playing moonlight sonata.

Another big reason why I dont tell people this stuff is because I would hate for people to find out im gay and have them think im just another stereotype. Im no theater nut case and that seems to be a primary source of gay stereotypes however classical piano just doesnt seem to cut it either. People know me as a trumpet person and thats where it ends. What they dont know cant hurt them.
blog later.



  1. I am a 48 yr old man just to let you know. You seem to be an over acheiver which is a good thing. Unless things have changed I think most quality people want a well rounded person as a friend or a sig other. You are doing the right thing and it sounds like you have a good heart. The post before last raises alarms because of the anger issues. I won't offer advice for your life but I think I have the qualifications to guide you to outside help, but you should never be affraid to ask for someone with qualifications to talk to. I don't think many parents would deny their kid that outlet. Make sure though that it is someone good and I would interview with your parents a few. It sounds like you know what needs to be worked on and the therapist should be held to task to have these issues resolved in an agreed amount of time. Goals and Milestones need to be met by the therapist. I have had experience with good and bad therapists with both of my sons, there ar few who have made sigificant positive changes, but those few have made the greatest change. Manage your therapist, they do not manage you.

    And you know what? There isn't a potential boy or girl friend that won't be impressed by having thier boyfriend key some classical music for them after they have watched you playing hockey. You are more than well rounded it sounds like. Enjoy everyday, it may not seem so now, but life goes very fast.

  2. @seandmc

    Thanks a lot man! I really appreciate the help.

  3. if you havent already read it, "the best little boy in the world" by andrew tobias is a good read...
    so is "reflections of a rock lobster", by aaron fricke... both are basically about growing up gay...

    - cheers.. d