Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy July Fourth!

WOOP WOOP! Back home! I had a good week in CO. Now im all geared up for the forth of july! WOOT! The fourth has always been my favorite holiday. BBQ, friends, awesome weather, fireworks, I honestly could live off of the awesomeness of the forth. Like if I could I would have everyone over everyday like we do on the fourth but we cant do that now can we? I enjoy being in good company, could you tell?
Why is the Queen randomly coming to haunt us? Im sure shes going to Toronto (only like a lake away from the United States) on the fourth just to errk us a bit. lol I really dont care. I love Lizzy...I mean HRH Elizabeth II Queen of England and Commonwealth Realms. I hope she sees the pride parade(s?) not necessarily because I want her to care cuz I think she may, but because I want to read a ridiculous headline somewhere that says "More than one queen in Toronto"
I think I just made fun of my people. I think I also just called gay people MY people. Progress?

Any way the 4th of july. LOVE IT! On top of everything else its a day I get to be overly patriotic more than any other day. I can make this a rant about how much I love my country and I just may. idk. My house is covered in red white and blue right now. there are all these little hand held flags I got at the 99 cent store all over the place. Normally we would go to a vacation spot for the fourth but this year we are staying at home but thats cool because there are still many awesome things that go on here. Like I said FIREWORKS! Lots of the 3 greatest colors in the world floating around. :D Friends and family too not a hell of a lot to worry about or ask for. Its fantastic. Pick up baseball is a thing too. I enjoy that because it feels even more nostalgic and awesome.

Ive invited the crush over for our bbq and hes invited me to his. Thats kinda how it happens around here. We all have our parties. Im like gunna go to like 5 tomorrow. the last is at another friend of our families so that ought to be fun. Lots of food!

So whats the situation with the crush? To be honest even I dont know. This kid is one mystery I dont think I can solve but god how I love him.
The other day we were video chatting and we get to these moments where we just cutely stare at each other and dont say a whole lot or others where we did talk. I love them both. We can chat for hours about anything him and I.

You're prolly wondering exactly what I did if you read the last post. I didnt really say or do a hell of a lot to be honest. I was just kinda like determined to tell him so I started a convo with him and just kinda poped the fact that I really really like him in there and I guess I made my point. Most people believe whatever I tell them and this was not any different. His reaction was good like I said. He took to it all well and better than I expected I guess. I think its speaking too soon to call him a potential bf but we can hope right. He still seems cool with me too so thats better. He almost seems better with me now than before interestingly enough. Like I said idk whats up so I will keep you updated. Im not sure if I just fail at recognizing things but he still remains a hard to solve puzzle. im not too into hard to solve but when I get him just right and see him or talk to him my brain forgets how confusing he is and goes into an all out bliss mode with dopamine flowing all over...ah the chemistry of much more nerdy can I get?

Jesus! I might be in love...I like how even that is hard for me to come to terms with. lol. nah its not I just find it funny that I am and have no friggen clue what im doing.

Its summer now and Im a hell of a lot more relaxed seeing that its all over. got my sat world history subject test score a few days ago (while I was away). I just opened them this morning cuz ive been too freaked out to and it turns out there was nothing to be freaked out about. I got a 750! woop woop. I wonder what I would have gotten had I finished. Im just a history nut over here. Im pretty happy with that.

Alright im off to get this fourth of July moving!

I wish all Americans a great Independence Day
all Canadians a great 4 days after Canada day and the rest of the world an awesome rest of your day!

Talk later



  1. Happy Birthday America!! hope you have an awesome day Tyler, I will be thinking about you here at Pride :)

  2. Happy 4th Tyler! and i am really happy to hear everything with the crush is going fanatastic :)

  3. hey its 3 days after! lol wutever i'm pretty much half american anyways. i love AmeriCanada.

    dude did i tell u i came out already!?... to my crush of all ppl! too bad my crush is too busy with his gf to do any video-chatting with me. he knows i like him now neways.

  4. @Madeleine

    WOOT!! Hope you had/ are having a great time

  5. @Jon

    Thank you! I hope all is also well with you.

  6. @Joey

    Yeah you had told me. You actually were my inspiration to tell him.