Monday, July 5, 2010

Talking in my sleep

No not like the romantics song, but kinda like it.
I talk in my sleep, walk in my sleep, bush my teeth in my sleep. It happens every now and again mostly when im not sleeping well or stressed out or when there is a particular subject on my mind that wont go away. Last night I went to sleep and my mom was in the living room reading. Its always been a worry of mine because the vent is far too good at transmitting sound from my room into the living room. You would swear the vent is a speaker sometimes. Of course Im not in the best resting mood cuz it was like 2am and I had just got back from a fourth of July party. On top of that my moms a night owl so shes gunna stay up.
So 8 hours later I wake up, go to the dinning room where breakfast already happened and I get my plate and sit down to eat. My mum is sitting there and reading the paper. We talk about what ever is in the paper and all that and she just kinda slips in when im half way in between toast and orange juice "who is [my crushes name]? Because you were talking about him in your sleep last night"
Im pretty good at talking my self out of things and keeping from looking shocked but mind you shes my mother and somehow she knows exactly what im thinking at any given moment. The fact she was so blunt and vague at the same time is what got me. Like im thinking still even what was I saying? was I just saying his name or perhaps more lovey dovey things? idk. I was stupid and responded "who?" and that only made her say his name again. I just kinda said "idk I know a lot of [my crushes name]s" and she was just kinda like oh and went back to reading and talking about normal things. Like I said im pretty freaked out as to what I may have been saying but if shes not prodding me then thats good. She may end up telling my dad and that may end up in more aggressive and uneasy prodding. idk.

er...well anyway. Last night or just yesterday period was awesome! The crush ended up not coming to my bbq but when I went out to another party I was invited to I saw him walking up the street. I cant give him a ride legally but oh how I wanted to! I texted him and told him I saw him. I try to take any excuse I can get to start a conversation with him. He and I talked for as long as we could basically...I guess until he got distracted or I did.
I still dont know whats up with him. I just know I like him. "Asking him out" is a thing on my summer bucket list. There is french hw for the summer that we will be doing together but I wouldnt call that a date. It is spending time with him but I think im finally gunna grow a pair and invite him to see a movie and go bowling. :P

Ive gotta go and do some crazy thing now.



  1. I think if your Mom was freaking out about what you had said you would know.
    So does the crush know you like him in that way, or just that you really like spending time with him? I really hope you two hang out and something happens :)
    and happy (belated) independence day!

  2. So, why didn't you ask her what you'd said in your sleep?

    Also, what prevents you from "legally" giving him a ride? Is he a felon? Are you?

  3. I believe the laws in California now state that no minor is allowed to drive with another minor in the car. It's basically part of the rules of the provisional license - which becomes a full license at 18. They added the limit because of the statistics that say most teenage accidents happen with multiple teenagers in the car, and many involve passengers distracting the driver.