Friday, July 9, 2010

What is this?

If your sound is off turn it on. If its on you should be made aware of the devilish grin I had as I punched in the code to drive everyone crazy.
Im sure most if not all of us have been watching world cup football over the last month and I decided that it was time my blog also got excited about it. I though for a while about how I was gunna do this...should I change my picture to that one of me pretending I can play soccer? no...should I change my back ground to look like a soccer It hit me when I woke up this morning to the sound of my neighbors vuvuzela! Yeah! So enjoy the loop track lol. I guess you can mute your speakers if you
hate it that much. Ive kinda grown into it after hearing it so much. It is now an iconic sound in the
world of soccer and if I turned on the tv and didnt hear them I would prolly be confused and feel
like something was missing.
So I purposely got rid of the control face for the file so when it plays and loops you cant stop it.
It will play until the cows come home if you want it to. *evil grin*

Im having fun can you tell? Im not trying to be annoying just spirited! Like I said you can turn
your speakers off if you want to.

In other news!
I got my AP scores today! I got a 5 woop woop!
pretty stoked considering I thought I would get a 3! Then of course the 750 in the SAT subject
test is also well received. All good news I guess.

Other'n that all is good and relaxed. Nothing to be taken seriously except for AAA hockey
tryouts!! My friends are making me but even then im taking that all in stride. Its good to relax!
I feel like I finally am starting to unwind now. I love it.

Alright, gotta go out and enjoy the rest of my day now.
Talk later

I dont know what happened to the formatting on this one. it just does this sometimes
and I dont know why.


  1. I wonder if we'll start to hear / see these at hockey and football games....(not bloody likely I hope):P

  2. That aside, congratulations on your test scores Tyler! I hope that things keep going well for you.

  3. Congrats on the AP score!!!!

    Also, your music doesn't play unless I open the add on, so I can ignore the vuvuzela if I wish :)

  4. Yes, congrats on your scores! I guess there is one advantage of an old computer - lousy speakers, so no sound.

  5. tyler... how can i add music to my blog on google blogger? not a music player/playlist like some guys have, just a music track form my itunes library that plays while you are reading my blog? like what you have....

    - cheers... david

  6. @david
    I dont get them from my itunes library but you can try there are a bunch of free mp3 files out on the internet under urls that always will end in .mp3.
    on bee mp3 it gives you that url like it will have a player thing but above it it will say file url or something like that. You will want to copy that url and paste it into where you see URL here. Just replace URL here add nothing take nothing else away.

    now take that code if you havent already and put it in an htlm/script box widget thing on blogger. I trust you remember how to do that.
    I usually pick the bottom bar.
    if you have any extra questions shoot em my way you know im happy to help.