Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To my friends north of the 49th

Hello all!

I would like to stress the idea of friendship and exercise some international diplomacy here for a bit. Lets see how this goes (another 1am-er)

We all recognize our differences and most chose to find those great similarities to share and I would like to encourage more of that. We may be of different nations, feel bound to our traditions, governments, cultures, etc but in the end we are all humans living on the same continent. We both got here in the same way, fought wars to stay, bought some, took some, argued with our selves at some points even, but look at our beautiful boarder...the largest unmilitarized border in the world in fact its also the longest in the world period...8,891 km. If that doesnt scream friendship I dont know what does. I take great pride in my nation as you do yours im sure however for as much national pride that exists and even competition at times if you look upon our histories up till the current day we are essentially the same people just living under another flag. Had the United States' history not taken such a dramatic turn in the late 1700s we would be the same people...under the same monarch, perhaps even considered one nation. We could have been together however history split us apart.
When I say I love you all I mean it. You are not all only my great friends to the north but you are my brothers and sisters, as it is said on the peace arch, from the same mother.
I will admit...I am a fan of Tim Horton's, I love poutine, I have a KD Lang and Celine Dion album hidden under my bed (yeah), and you didn't think I was taking french to speak to the french did you? What else can I say about you? You are the kindest most accepting people I know and I can say this in a universal way quite comfortably. Not one canadian I have met has been anything but kind and loving and friendly. Why us Americans to the south didn't turn out quite like you I don't know.
You're all easy to talk to and just generally nice and good people all around.
You are all hard workers. Im sorry its so common for us to make fun of you. I try not to and if I do its all in good fun eh? Yet another confession I have to make is that I often use eh in my regular speech that sounds Canadian to begin with in most peoples opinions, but I dont over use it like those ass holes who like to taunt you.
Your Prime Minister poses with kittens and thats awesome! Your Governor General has a sweet heart and isn't scared to cry on tv. On top of that they have proven to be good politicians and kept Canada buoyant in turbulent waters.
You are one of the happiest countries and thats an accomplishment in its self.
You have HOCKEY!! (we have it too yeah but you have more!)
You may criticize your country as I do mine but from the outside looking in you all look like a bunch of great people!
Why dont I live with you? Idk I enjoy being American odd to some im sure but thats the way it is. I get by just fine living like you so I guess I wouldnt mind living with you, but do you really need another goon like me?
If I could visit you all I would.
Too all of you who have helped me,the Americans and Europeans too because you all deserve my love and thanks. I send all my best your way, all my heart and spirit I send along as well. You have all been the best of friends to me. We may have never met in person but one day we will.
You have taught me a lot.
In the words of my president Andrew Jackson (I think he was quoting the bible but Im sure it sounded awesome when he said it)
"I hope to see you soon, and we will talk face to face"

Andrew Jackson also said
"My dear children, and friends, and servants, I hope and trust to meet you all in heaven, both white and black."
but I thought that was a bit to dramatic and you probably would think I was gunna off my self.


  1. "and you didn't think I was taking french to speak to the french did you?" - lmao!!!!!!

    - cheers.... david

  2. i've also noticed the high schools here in canada (or maybe just toronto) isnt as clique-y as the high school in the states. this is coming from a dude who's gone to high school in both countries. maybe cuz its so multi-cultural here?

  3. I have issues with your country's international image, but want to be very clear that I LOVE my American friends. You guys are passionate and loving, and curious about us funny Canadians. You have a beautiful country, and much to be proud of in terms of people and accomplishments. You have some of the coolest cities in the world. And I love your national anthem. Harper may have kept us economically stable, but the guy is a douche; at least your wonderful, eloquent leader acknowledges the LGBT community and his support for it. You are our biggest ally and our closest friend. The best analogy I have heard is that America is like the big kid who's loud and outspoken, so he makes friends and enemies, and Canada is the quiet little brother who copies his older sibling yet doesn't piss anybody off.

  4. I agree that Canada is our closest ally. I also agree that Canadians seem gentler, kinder (well, except on the hockey rink), more cohesive as a country than we are. I think in many ways I think more like a Canadian or European than an American. I thought about emigrating when our former President tried to amend our Constitution to ban marriage equality, but I'll stay for now. (Don't know if I could ever adjust to winter anywhere except Vancouver.)