Saturday, February 27, 2010

Aboot last night

Last night basically was never home so I didn't get to post anything. I got home from school then I took a nap because I was freaking tired then I went to work. From there my friend picked me up and we went to play friday night pick up hockey with some other people. After that I ended up going home just to take a shower and leave to go back out with the same friends and I didnt get home till late.
Everyone else was out having a good time at a school dance thing that went on all night. Lucky for me most of my friends didnt go this year so we just got to hang out and do stuff around the city. My friends are cool like that.
So as predicted Canada and The United States of America will be playing again this sunday for the gold. We all know the USA is gunna kick Canada's ass and prove capitalism...excuse me I forgot this was 2010 and its Canada we are dealing with and not the Soviet Union. Well yea Im feeling a miracle on ice-esque afternoon this sunday. I have a guitar lesson when the game starts. I was thinking of canceling but I decided not to and go in my team USA jersey seeing that my teacher is Canadian.
Finland and Slovakia play tonight for bronze so gotta watch that too.
Ive got to go in a few minutes. Today Im reffing for the last time! just in time for the HS season to start most of the leagues are also winding to a close. Pretty exciting stuff oot here. Im particularly going to miss hearing from 10y olds how much I suck and constantly looking over my shoulder for stuff like todays picture. More later. Alright im out.

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