Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Canada!

So our neighbors to the north beat us at their own game today. As O Canada played I sang the star spangled banner, normally I would sing along but NOT when they beat us at hockey. It was a nail biter all the way through to OT and the point Crosby made his goal. I was shaking at first with nerves but then with anger. I was hoping for a US goal within those last 30 seconds of the 3rd period but NO! I would like to say oh well but its an olympic gold and it only comes around every 4 years so i'm pretty ticked off. We will get them back when an American team wins the Stanley cup. Also we have more gold metals, and just metals period. Also we aren't sovereign
to the queen of England, I could go on and on but I will not.
well in other news. I have started drivers ed! (*cheers*) I was hoping I would get my pilots license before my divers license but no such luck (it takes soooo freaking long). I often confuse people because I fly but I am no thrill seeker and I am terrified of the road! My mum basically had to force me to sign up for drivers ed. Its not that I am a bad driver its that there are so many bad drivers around here. Also our laws are so strict and we have huge fines for even the smallest things. Im freaked out im gunna screw up and get some $900 ticket for having the my tail light out and have my dad blow up on me. I have the type of luck that I will be driving 24 in a 25 zone and get a fine for speeding.
fears of the road aside HS Ice hockey starts tomorrow! (*louder cheers*). Seeing im the black sheep of the family im the only one who cares. The other day I found out I made varsity and my mum and dad could tell I was excited, like crazy excited, and they ask "why are you so happy?" when I told them I made varsity they were like "ohhh, thats fun" WTF! I just dont get it. Im the only person who gets hockey in my family, I dont get how they couldn't learn the game from the 10 seasons they watched me play. I know they were there and they seemed to know what was going on.
Well I have school tomorrow...but also hockey :D
good night


  1. Good post, but one quick correction, Canada won most golds - ever - host country or otherwise haha.

    The states has a lot of bronze tho, which is good right, I mean maybe we can be strive to be more mediocre in Sochi? Just playin bud.

    Hows the pilot license goin? If you have any Q's feel free to send me a msg, I have my commercial. It's a pretty cool gig - keep at it for sure.

  2. i think we only won most gold's for a winter olympics, summer olympics have more events i think... nevertheless twas a good game, a real piss off with that goal 24 secs left in the third...
    and singing your own anthem during someone else's is kind of rude...

  3. Taylor beat me to the thing about the medals. Sorry you're bummed about the loss, but hey, at least you guys had World Juniors.

  4. Excuse the metal error. My mistake. Im such an idiot, I had even checked the gold count this morning. My ignorant Americanness shows at night and especially during the full moon, and of course singing your own national anthem over someone else is rude but one loses that logic with anger. Trust that I would have maintained a respectable nature had I been present during the actual presentation of the colors.

  5. @Taylor

    Pilot stuff is good. I intend to keep at it. I def want to fly commercial one day. Hope to share the skys with you soon.

  6. Don't worry about apologizing Tyler, we all get a little emotional when our country loses. You guys played a great game though. Although I could have killed Parise with that last minute goal.

  7. hear hear... and i think there may be some tension with Kesler in vancouver for awhile...

  8. congrats on making varsity man. and good luck in your game!