Saturday, February 20, 2010

Where to start

hey so this is my first blog post I guess. First off I would like you to also take a look here ( You may have already seen him but just incase you stumbled upon me first. He inspired me to start this blog. I decided it is a worthy cause to blog about life and stuff because im sure someone like me will read it and feel less alone and thats a great feeling for anyone I dont care who you are. I experienced it for the first time when I read Mikey’s blog, before that I felt lost and alone all the time. to know someone else felt the way I do and that im not the only one in the world was the best ever. Basically I want people to know there are more of us out there than one would think and that we really are good people and there is no reason to hate us. Im not even sure where the negativity comes from to tell you the truth. Perhaps it is the fear of the unknown but why would we be the unknown when we are your best friends or team mates that you have known for years? Im sure 100% sure in fact that there are gay athletes in every sport. One day I hope that everyone will be cool with that but for now we are left to our own devices as far as coping goes. I know Im freaked out about coming out to anybody only because im worried that suddenly they will not want to talk to me ever again or that rumors would start. I dont get why being gay would change anything but somehow it does and thats what gets me mad and confused. Well this is a start I guess. Just getting something down and out of my head feels good. Knowing it may possibly help someone is better. I will post a bit more about me later.

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  1. so welcome hkydude.

    u r far far from alone.

    try the 1 in 10 rule of thumb. lotta queers, eh?

    if your school has 1200 students, 1/2 male = 600 and 1 in 10 = 60.

    of course some of them are not out to themselves and that is so common.

    but u can do well and bide your time.

    imagine what the gay boys did 50 years ago? 1960...

    no internet... no videos

    no heroes

    no blogs

    totally invisible and what a boy saw = sick and twisted, but he knew he wasnt that at all.

    cali is very progressive and chances are there are teachers u can talk to. students kno who the nice ones are, the ones who accept people as they are, like to help, can really listen...

    ...just telling your story to someone who listens and cares gives u a feeling of power and confidence usually.

    sometimes it is the young teachers, but also ones in their 60s were hippies once.

    good luck

    let me know if i can help