Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Laughed at my self

whats up!?
So I had my rink time for the day now im in for the night. Im in desperate need of new headphones/earbuds (what ever you want to call them). all of my old ones are thrashed and dont work and ive been reduced to listening to music on my computer with these old 90's headphones we got with our first computer. So tonight's picture is of *cough* one of the most unforgettable nights *cough*. I bet everyone remembers the night and has the exact same picture in their brain. Yea I dont blame you if you dont remember. I have a creepy memory and forget nothing and I often will bring things up nobody else remembers from years ago and I end up looking like a weirdo.
I was talking to a guy I like today, idk if hes gay or straight or what to tell you the truth but thats beside the point. I was sort of laughing at my self while I was talking to him because I was that stereotypical-ish guy talking to the person he likes. I was all nervous and crap, he doesnt know I like him (or that im gay and can like him rather) I just gave him some lame excuse as to why I was nervous, something about a test or something like that. I can talk normally to pretty much everyone its just him that gets me visibly nervous. I find it funny but I guess its normal. Ive just gotta try to chill out more.
Alright, I will talk more later. Im pretty distracted so excuse me if this post is crazy and seemingly about nothing.

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