Monday, February 22, 2010

what a monday

hey welcome to the new home of my blog. idk if you herd about the migration from wordpress or not but here it be!

Well anyway today was weird and everyone had a case of the mondays. At school we basically got nothing done and I ended up not having homework so that was cool. These next two weeks are gunna be exciting though because next monday I start playing for my schools team! (woot woot!) Idk why we start so late but thats the way it goes. During the rest of the year I just play pick up and practice a bunch. Other people are on other leagues during the high school teams off season but not me, I used to be but stopped last year. Ive been thinking of getting back into it, some buds of mine are trying to get me to join the local travel club. I think I should but I know there are better people than me out there. I tend to be selfless like that. Im no bender but I just think there are more qualified people who want to take there game much farther.
It was just today that I noticed I have been on a sheet of ice in some form or another (playing, public skate, reffing, practice etc...) everyday since a very long time ago. I think there was a day in October that I didn't go down to the rink because I had...SWINE FLU! AHHHH. Yea it takes a pandemic flu to keep me off the ice.
so yea. freaking excited about HS hockey.
Also im sure you see ive decided to reveal my name, I figured I would screw it up eventually and say it so why not say it now eh?
Signing off


  1. keep your anonymity, tyler.

    throw in a few curve balls to throw people off. Little misdirections as it were. Guys often look for other gay kids who live nearby.

    sickos do that too...

    suspect everyone at first...

    not to be negative... but others have been burned badly...


  2. hey bud glad to find ur new blog ... u gonna stay here for awhile so i can link to u?

    man isnt it weird when u think bout how much ur on ice .... i havent been off for more than a day since april ... n i luv it

    so ur seasons startin n ours is windin down ... thats weird.


  3. Hey steevo! Thanks for the kind words. By all means tell me if im being to revealing. My logic is only based on the fact California is freaking huge and has a ton of people in so I figured it would be pretty hard for someone to hunt me down. If they did they would be crazy.

  4. Heya Mikey! Course im gunna stick around. Feel free to link me where ever you want. I cant find any reason I would leave blogger, I only left Wordpress because it was a little to hard to use than what I would like. Good to hear from you. Stay tuned for updates on the season.