Sunday, February 21, 2010

About me

Alright so about me. there is a lot to say but lets start off on the personal side of this blog. So another reason why im writing this blog is to get ideas out of my head. Everyone knows me as a bit of a tough guy only because I dont show much emotion and cause I can take a lot of crap and all that. but that doesnt mean I dont have feelings y’know? I have a lot of emotions and have real hard time dealing with them because I internalize all of them and keep things with me for a long time. I literally have the wight of the world on my back 24/7. one would think I could let all this out through sports, I know a bunch of people do but im not one of those people. I play hockey because I love playing not because I need a vent for my emotions. Sometimes if im pissed off when im playing it actually messes up my game rather than making me play harder. I have tried writing things down and that helps but takes too long. Typing is faster and that is where this blog comes in.

So how about my family? It is of four people and my dog who is the most awesome freaking animal in this country (aside from the okapis at the San Diego zoo)! So I have a mum and dad and an older brother who is a big ass hole and not the brightest person you will ever meet but for what ever reason everyone who meets him just loves him. Hes a fake charmer and will basically sweet talk you into loving him but he is the biggest hypocritical person I know and he drives me crazy. My parents are great, they support me in what ever it is that I want to do hockey is one of them. My family isnt to0 into it, im the only one, I just tried it a long time back and loved it and they have moved me through it every year.

School is a big part of my life. Everyone also knows me to be a very smart person. Im not sure why, I consider my self to be mildly smart when it comes to most things aside from math. History, languages, and science are my best subjects. I pick up on language very easily and learn quickly. Living in California I was able to easily learn spanish when I was younger because we have a very big spanish speaking population. In school im taking French and have been getting pretty good at that.

There is plenty more that can be said about me but I will build all that up as I want to. I figure there is enough basic info here to give people a good idea of who I am. Its a little blunt so I may appear harsher than I actually am but idk. It depends on whos reading it I guess. Im not to sure on how I should sign these things off. Should I put a pseudonym? Not sure what I would want to call my self. I think I will put down an initial. Alright signing off for now.


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