Thursday, February 25, 2010

Late night buzz

school was odd today because I had to go unlike yesterday when I got to hang out at the air port all day. I actually had to do work, make up a few tests, catch up on what I missed, ugh. I always hate that back to reality feeling that comes when ever I miss a bunch of work.
Right now im watching The Sarah Silverman Program because it keeps me from going totally nuts with seriousness however today its having the opposite effect. Her two gay friends are trying to get married but they new mayor wont let them because shes against gay people. I know its a joke but when ever im reminded about how gay people are so hated and mistreated by some people or groups of people rather, it pisses me off. Idk, right now im not to into talking about all that but thats pretty much where I am.
So after school I did my hockey thing then came home and had a major shift in gears when I chose to switch on the tv to watch the heath care summit. I saw a bit on tape delay where Obama told McCain the election was over and I said out loud "Oh shit!".
Oh god im nerding out, sorry about that I do that from time to time. But seriously, I love watching those things for moments like that. I wish we had Japanese parliament on TV over here, they get into fist fights.
Alright enough of that.
Just out of my mind at random.
Sometimes I wonder about my future, not necessarily what I will be doing. Im pretty sure I will be playing hockey still in some way even if recreationally. Very sure I will fly for some airline; but will I be living with someone like most everybody else? Im not even talking about being married to somebody Im just saying will I find somebody like me who likes what I do and that I can have a connection with who is more boyfriend than best friend? Its just a thought that popped into my mind.
Haven't talked much Olympics have I? Well I have been watching them (who isnt? I would be crazy not to be) Looking forward to sunday when The US is gunna win the gold metal (believing in miracles doesnt hurt)!
Alright Im gunna head to bed now.
Good night

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  1. congrats on the US win today and the silver medal in women's hockey (but you just couldn't get one by wickenheiser)...
    as with living with people, it may seem bleak or unlikely right now, but if it can happen to a bumpkin like me it can happen to anyone.

    or as a friend of mine would say
    "buck up, fuck up"