Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hump day

So today was great! I didn't need to go to school because I was out on a job shadow trip at the airport! Im all about aviation, I want to be a commercial pilot in the future so I was all over this trip. I got to spend some time in the control tower cab, I complemented them on being the best tower in the area because they are, no joke! I fly out of the same airport for hour building and fly all around in and out of air spaces and they are by far the best tower to be controlled by, they are all pretty young too. I went down a floor in the tower into the break room where they had an xbox and COD and NHL2k10 so I chose play the 2nd. The guy on break was a hockey fan so he and I could talk hockey. It was great my two most favorite things (aviation and hockey) all under one roof! I was so excited to be there and everyone could tell. After the shadowing ended, we went to a banquet lunch (we being everyone from all of the local high schools who went shadowing) and it was so good. It beat the crap I would have had at school.
The plane in the picture is a Mooney Acclaim Type S and is the fastest plane Mooney makes. Its a pretty good looking bird and is crazy fast as well as comfortable. I dont fly them (yet) Im stuck with cessna skyhawks for now. they are nice entry level planes, high wings, easy controls.
well im off to the rink for a skate. Later.

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