Thursday, April 22, 2010

Is it friday yet?

It is dangerous for me to not blog during weeks like this one. I think weeks go by slowly when I dont have a whole lot to this one. I cant say its been as bad as last week but its pretty tough to get up in the morning. I hate weeks like this where im just crazy under motivated. The weather isnt helping either. Its all cold and cloudy and windy.

On the up side of things Ive had a good personal week. If It wasnt for school and shit weather I think this week would be pretty awesome.
I got some new wheels for my rollerblades cuz when its spring and the weather is better than it is now I rollerblade rollerblade rollerblade! Roller hockey is also a fun possibility.
Today is my day off of hw. Im pretty happy about that cuz I honestly cant take much more of it this week. Im in that state where im just a gel and cant do a whole lot more.
Crush has come back! YES!!!
That made today all the better. I think he may have saved me from loosing it.
Seriously the kids a stud. I have been anonymously asking him stuff on his formspring to try to figure him out. He gave me lemonade and a croissant the other day at this food day/fair thing we had at school. He seems to know that I like lemonade cuz hes given me lemonade before. I think its cute.
All week ive been in a weird mood. You couldn't tell Im stressed cuz its one of those strange giddy moods I get in sometimes. Its kinda nice cuz I dont get people telling me I look like shit.
I found a gray hair on my head the other day. Thanks school!
Im pretty hard working and get real serious with my school, but im actually pretty chill even in school. Everyone knows im like a crazy grade grabber, credit monkey, gpa nazi, etc but I dont let it show so people dont care. Some people let it show and I think that weirds people out (I know it freaks me out) I freak my self out some times actually, but I dont let it freak other people out.
So thats about all my craziness for today.

Oh todays pic. CA SRte 17 If im not mistaken it runs between Santa Cruz and San Jose (go sharks? nah.) Well anyway, its California and the #17. qui est mon numero!
C'est fini


  1. I’m glad to hear that things are brightening up to you.

    When you have to get out of bed and remember what the day will bring (the crush) it’s so much easier. I remember I used to spring out of bed and looked forward to going to school.

    More lemonade!? Sure keep them coming (you’d better have a large bladder kid). Lol

  2. u've been formspringing him?? lol if u have any interesting answers from him, do share. =P