Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring break ends

Back to school today! Its alright though cuz I had a good enough break. I just lied through my teeth. I want break to continue! Today was like back to realty and now we are all stuck with our minds set to friday. Good news is I have two games this week! One game tomorrow and the other Wednesday.
Tonight is practice, but its not a bad practice its one of the good pre game warm up like practices.
Today my world history ap teacher told us this is when the hell starts because we are a month away from our AP exam so he has begun to prepare us by making us write essays and stuff. He is all "you will be crying in pain by the time its all over but you will all have passed the exam". $10 says my hockey coach will say something similar tonight. His thing is to remind us of pain just and how unpleasant it is before he puts us in pain during one of the bad practices. Hes a great coach though I must say, and he really wants us to do well both on and off the ice which is cool.
So back in school means back to the crush.
He is leaving for his thingy next week though not this week like I had thought. Its a new quarter at school and that means new seats in french. Hopefully this time she will put me with him!

I haven't got a heck of a lot to say today so I think Im gunna call it done. Got some homework to do anyway. not a lot thank god. Then off to practice.
See ya

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  1. Ahh, the mad prep for the AP Exam. I remember that.

    Have fun at practice!