Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random poem

Madeleine asked for me to put up some more of my poems. I will put up more of the hockey epic later too but for now here is another bizarre poem of mine. I never title anything so just kinda let it start.

On edge he sat
his eyes captives of the flames.
quiet and still
on his comfortable perch
alone on the hill.

in his eyes was the fire,
in his mind was something more.
things the world never did once implore.

in meditative trance,
his eyes to the flame.
alone in the dark he remained.
in darkness he stayed.
in dark, and dark
for thousands of days.

Thoughts came to mind
of a world beyond the darkness
in which he lay.

One of many
not just one.
one of color,
clear sky,
and room to run

one he thought
to be just behind him,
but from the flames
he could not turn away.

This world he knew
was not for him.
too distant...
far far away.

so high on his hill
he would remain.
eyes on his fire
waiting for day.
© 2010 by Tyler/hkydude17


  1. Wow Tyler, you certainly have a way with words! I really like this one too. Anything that inspired this poem?

    One teeensy note, it should be "too distant..."

    Looking forward to more of the hockey epic, I don't think 8 pages is enough to describe love of the game.

  2. Great poem!

    I am jealous of your skills because writing in general has never really come easy for me and your poem just flows perfectly