Sunday, April 25, 2010


Im gunna take a break from this blog for a bit. I will still get e-mail and will try to respond to valid emails.

Thank you to all who have commented and helped me and others though this rough spot. I hope that as I can help everyone a little more too as time goes on.

have a good one and have faith.



  1. "have a good one and have faith"...
    mikey wont get away with this.

  2. Take a break if you need it. I just want to get this whole mess behind me. I hope that you haven't lost hope, or that there is a community of support out there for you.

  3. Things will get better. Just remember that. Take all the time you need because taking care of yourself has to be your priority.

  4. That sounds like a good idea Tyler. I find that some time away can help put things in perspective. I hope that the time away helps you.

  5. I will miss your blogging while you're gone, but stay in touch.

  6. It will get better, take your time. Look forward to your return when you're ready.

  7. hey bud!
    yea im steppin back 2..its been a week n im still processin this shit hope ur feelin better
    later rich