Wednesday, April 7, 2010

spring break in Arizona

Home! After quite the road trip. My break isnt over yet but the Arizona part is. I have fallen in love with the state for the, I think 10th time. I have been all over the state but never the north. I saw the grand canyon, played in the snow outside of flagstaff, stopped over in Phoenix too. I had been there before though. I love California dont get me wrong. I love how people ask me questions about random crap that I often over look, Hollywood in specific. But I have always had this draw to Arizona and I cant tell you why. I think its awesome I guess, there are places in California that I like but there is something about Arizona that makes me love it.
Lets do a quick compare and contrast shall we?
(ignore everything in { - } if you dont want to hear a rant that was thought up at 10:30pm when my argumenitive skills and ability to describe things is lost. Note the eye searing color)
{Los Angeles: Its a big city with a massive suburban sprawl at its limits. Pretty much everything around from the city center to 20mi (32km) out is citys that are relatively large. I love my little suburb, its actually pretty big but thats the thing. I love the city but I love the small town feel. There are cities like Ventura (friggen love Ventura) that are in between but that somehow doesn't work for me.
Phoenix: Its a great city I dont care what you say. People give LA shit but for some reason dont give Phoenix shit and you gotta love that. Its a big city with the feeling of a smaller town at the same time. Its so hard to describe but the city doesnt feel cramped up or strangled by its suburbs like LA is. Then there are citys like Flagstaff that feel like large towns and may be just that. it seems everyone in the cities knows everyone else. I love that.
Idk. I may have just proved my self crazy but still.
Im loosing my ability to describe my love for the land locked wonder but I think thats it. I love it beyond words.
People at school think to be without the beach would be like hell. I will have you know the last time I went to the beach here was like August. I can live without the ocean!
Oh the people! Love the people. A hell of a lot more welcoming than Californians yet they still have that stiff necked attitude.}
Im done
Anyway. The picture is one I took of the Grand Canyon. I spoke with some french canadians there in french of course. It was awesome beyond words...the canyon not the Canadians. I might talk some more about the trip tomorrow but right now im pretty tired. Im happy to be home and would like nothing more than to just sleep right now.
Good night


  1. I agree with you that arizona is unique. Did you know that arizona also has a place called Meteor Crater - A meteor crashed into a part of arizona a a zillion years ago and the results of the impact with earth can still be seen today. Arizona also has a volcano and you can still pick up pieces of lava surrounding it. Arizona also has the petrofied forest where trees have turned to rocks. Arizona has under ground caves filled with stuff hanging down from the ceiling. Arizona is a fascinating place to visit with a lot of stuff to see and do including the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, and Sedona and much more! Check it out.

  2. err... az sounds real cool but i'd never wanna live there. visit yes, live no. wut i'd do to trade u beach LA for non-beach toronto. damn i miss LA

  3. @gay Andy
    I have been to all of the places you listed just not on this trip :-(
    The Arizona department of tourism should pay you!

  4. I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, my mom says the view is less beautiful now because of air pollution.

    and hey Joey, Toronto has beaches!

  5. Hey Tyler! Glad you had fun on your trip to AZ man. Ya I know what you mean with difference in LA and Phoenix. NY'ers feel like all LA is Hollywood stars with nice weather all time. Pheonix never been there but I hear its beautiful and nothing negative about it. People say things about NYC tho but lets not go there. lol. Hope you have a great rest of your spring break man!

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  7. its got a beach only for a couple of months! lol n u can hardly call it a beach with no palm trees...

  8. I had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon a few years when I was in Las Vegas for work. You can take flights from Las Vegas Muni airport to Grand Canyon airport and then a helicopter ride into the canyon. It was simply amazing in its breathtaking beauty.

  9. I've been all over the US, but I still love California. People focus on LA and Hollywood, but they miss Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Big Sur, Sonoma, Death Valley, Big Bear... heck, even the channel islands or places like Huntington Gardens.

    Every place has something special about it. You just have to know where it is.

  10. @Madeleine

    thats sad to hear. It was pretty misty looking but I think that was only dust that was kicked up during the days dust storm. At least its not as polluted as say...LA

  11. @BiSportzDude

    Ive recently come the the conclusion that I may just love everything about everywhere I go! Ive never been to NYC but im sure when I go I will love it. lol

  12. @Joey

    I once took a student from italy around and he was in love with palm trees. to him they meant california beaches. He had to have his picture taken in front of everyone of them.

  13. @GayEMTNJ

    I would have loved to have taken a heli ride over it. It is things like the canyon that make me sure the earth loves us. Im happy its being preserved.

  14. @Austin

    I usually find the best in every place I go to. I love the whole world! :D lol
    Boom de ya da?