Friday, April 9, 2010

Lazy day

Ive done almost nothing today. I did some homework that I was assigned by my more evil teachers for spring break. Other than that ive been in quite a funk today and im finding it hard to get out of it.
Yesterday was awesome though! I spent most the day with my friends. In the morning I had to take a test online but shortly after that my friends came and got/rescued me from my house. We spent some time around town then I went off with them to down town LA to see the Kings vs. coyotes game. To come right out and be franc...I was cheering for the yotes. I am a fan of the Phoenix Coyotes! I had to say that at some point. I figured now would be a good time.
When I got into hockey it was through friends and their parents. Somewhere along the line I was taken to Arizona by a friend whos family treated me like their own. They were fans of the yotes them selfs and they really got me into hockey and the yotes in particular. Ive never cared for the Kings I prefer the Ducks to them, but my exposure to the yotes early on got me to like them more.
So my friend and his family moved away I think in 04 back to Az and left me here. Lucky for me I found a few more yotes fans at school and one of them is who I went to last nights game with.
The others were kings fans who we were able to harass the whole ride back home cuz the yotes won!
I went to a friends but I had to leave before we could really do/plan anything cuz his mom wanted him to go along with her somewhere. So here I am bored and at home. Later I think im gunna go to the rink for public skate with some other buds but idk. Im just so lazy today, so lazy I dont even know if this blog post makes any sense.
The stanley cup playoffs are here! yotes have a 25:1 chance so says The Hockey News poor panthers...500:1. Then there are the Caps 4:1 odds. Pretty much everyone is all "caps got the cup" already so we will see how that goes. They prolly will get it but till the yotes are eliminated you should know where my support is.
Im gunna go up to the rink now


  1. Evil Evil teachers Tyler! A test and homework during spring break that's awful. Hope you at least enjoyed lazy day tho.

  2. Dude, the idea of a high school in SoCal with a hockey teamn is beyond words. (from my experience)

    Anyway, I always wanted to learn how to ice skate, only problem is that I've never been around ice. lol Where are there public ice rinks in LA/Hollywood? If you don't mind telling me.