Saturday, April 10, 2010

kachina dolls etc

Kachina dolls first, etc second.
So while in Arizona I was determined to find a native american shop so I could buy a Kachina doll, and that wasn't hard at all. pretty much every town had some guy who made/sold them so I ended up with a few. The guy up there looks a bit like the first one I got. Its an ascending eagle. I liked it cuz it is connected to the spirt of the eagle and hopefully now he will be more helpful to me in my flying. Unfortunately the picture up there is a bit crapy and I think mine looks cooler anyway. I would take a pic of mine but Im way to lazy to right now.
I also got a sun face kachina at another shop. The guy who made that one also made smaller novelty like ones and he had a hockey kachina so I picked up that one too. So now I have three pretty sweet looking kachinas
Now time for etc.
So today has been...okay. I went to the beach cuz I noticed I had a pretty bad farmer tan. I think all the sun I got in Arizona made it worse but its going away now. Did some more homework...I think its all done now actually. I also seem to randomly be getting outside magazine again. I dont know why but I am.
I rollerbladed by the beach too. During the summer when I had jet lag I would go to the beach at like 5am and rollerblade a ways up and then come back down and get back home before anyone knew I was gone. I do random crap like that sometimes, like today. I told my self I would rollerblade until I saw someone I knew going the opposite direction as me. I kinda wish I hadnt now cuz im crazy sore but it was well worth it. Thats more like what I do when im bored out of my gourd.

Im a freak when it comes to learning languages. I will pick them up pretty quickly and lucky for me I live in a very international community so I have lots of people to talk to and lern from. Recreational language learning is what I call it. Right now I have been busy with Korean and Mandarin Chinese. Why? Why not! I learned how to order food in chinese and im gunna totally slip that one in the next time we eat out at a chinese restaurant. (one that isnt Cantonese) Ive been trying to figure out where else I can weasel korean in. I use it a lot at school to confuse korean kids. I will ask them something in korean and they will be all "you speak korean" then I will answer in korean "no I dont, im a dumb american why would I know korean?" Yea, I managed to memorize that some how, but it entertains them all so im cool with that. I like keeping people amused it also makes a bunch of them happy that a silly american would take the time to investigate their language.

So thats been my saturday. I cant find my phone so im gunna go hunt it down.


  1. I like dolls.

    Usually when we go on school trips they try and teach us a bit of the language. So I already knew some french, was cool with learning Italian and Greek, but I drew the line at Mandarin and Cantonese. My inflection is hit and miss, and it just seemed like too much work.
    But that's soooooo cool you are learnign to speak other languages! I'd love to know German, since I watch German soap operas and have some back ground there, and spanish might come in handy. Oh and I'm Ukrainian, so that would be cool too.

  2. Have you tried Japanese? What about spanish?