Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Play hockey and make friends!

This has been a pretty wild week to say the least. In my last post I said my crush would not be gone this week however it turns out he is! Hes gone until next week and that is not cool! I love how im so infatuated with this kid its great.
Hockey game last night...not good. It was a loss. It was worse today cuz a really good friend of mine and awesome goalie on our team has not been getting played as often as he was last year and its kinda got him bummed out. I feel bad cuz he really loves the game and is constantly trying to get better. Ive known him for a while and hes one of the people who really wants to get better and possibly go pro, and for him not getting played and watching the team lose is like a huge punch in the face. He was really quiet today. It kinda sucks cuz im as sure as anybody else that had he been in the net we would have won. I think he knows that too and that only makes him feel worse. I hope he gets played tonight and that we win cuz that will really bring him up.
In other sports news. Angels played the Yankees today and won so thats great! Now tonight Yotes play the wings (please note wings is not capitalized) so hopefully they win and dont get ousted from the playoffs so quickly. People at school are actually praying that either the kings or the Yotes will make it to the final and play for the cup. I think that either would be pretty freaking awesome, but its not the most likely thing to happen.
!sensitive subject matter ahead, proceed with caution!
I noticed something the other day that has me thinking. Its also got me feeling bad about where I live and other stuff. So a separate peace, Mikeys blog, and a few buds from out in the east got me thinking about the idea of best friends. It seems everyone from everywhere but my little nook of California recognizes the fact they have a best bud that they do everything with. Now I have one I think everyone does however for what ever reason we refuse to recognize that fact. Like most everyone I know has that one awesome person they have known for forever and can tell anything to, but for what ever reason you never hear people around here calling them best friends or even seeming to mention the value of their friendship to each other like so many people I know do. I feel like its cheapened the relationship a bit. I could tell my best friend that he is but then people will think im gay. It idea seems to fit into the "thats gay" category. I dont even know if its just my school or what ever but nobody around her seems to value their best friends as much as everyone else does.
I dont even know why I care but I do. Seriously though California needs to lighten up just a bit. Its prolly just my city or neighborhood even. Idk, I may just not be crazy enough to live here.
Off to the game later tonight.
got some homework to do, wish me luck.


  1. If it's gay to tell someone they're your best friend then the world really is a sad place. Also means I'm pretty gay :P

    Good luck with the homework, and I hope the next game goes better for you.

  2. dude phoenix and LA can't play for the cup, they're both in the western conference haha. Detroit will put up a hell of a fight, hope you guys prevail. (for your sake, and ours haha)

    also one of my good friends (straight as an arrow) started saying I love you man sometimes and I return the favour because he's the closest thing I have to a brother. If saying best friend is gay then we're in trouble haha. I hear you in that I don't really have one specific friendship that's stronger than others, just significant in different ways

  3. I use "best friend" as a description rather than a title. At the moment, it's someone I met about 8 years ago; he credits me with both saving his (future) marriage and helping him figure himself out in his own life. I don't know that we've ever talked about it, really. I think we just acknowledge that we have a lot in common, love hanging out and goofing off together, etc.

    That being said, he changed jobs a few years ago and I don't spend as much time with him as I used to, but we still get together once in a while and talk all the time online.

    I'm one of those guys that tends to have a small circle of pretty good friends, but even then I also silo everything. I've a larger circle of "aquaintences" who are friends but not really close. And, I was born in SoCal (West Covina) and have lived in L.A. County all my life.

    I think you may just be overthinking it a bit.

  4. @Austin

    Its prolly just my crazy school/neighborhood then.

  5. Hey Tyler,

    I've been reading your posts for a bit now but this is my first. I'm sorry to hear about your friend's experience the other night. It really does suck when you think that you deserve something, especially when you work so hard for it, but then it doesn't happen. It may help if he knows that his team is behind him and hopefully, your coach will change things up to put him in.

    On best friends, I've always been somewhat ambivalent on the subject. I have friends that I'm close to and some are closer to me than others. I'm hard-pressed to point to a single person and say that they're my best friend but if I could do this, I'd let them know at the right moment. I guess what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't be shy about letting someone know that they matter to you.

    Take Care,