Thursday, April 1, 2010

Game night tonight (again)

This one didnt post on time either! Ugh
SPOILER ALERT!: I get free Wendy's

Two nights in a row!
Hard core eh? We are at it again. Im still prolly gunna be running off of the high of last nights game. This is a bigun for us tonight so we want to win. In fact I think we NEED to win. If we win I get free Wendy's (yahhh!)
A bud of mine said if we win these two games in a row he will buy the whole team food from Wendy's. Idk why he wants to buy from there of all places. I guess cuz its cheap, but I will take it seeing its free and all.
So I haven't filled the blog world in on my crush as of late so I thought I would. In short, nothing new has developed! Great eh? Ive come up with plan after plan on how Im gunna get him to do something with me and I never manage to carry them out. Im not even in it for a solid relationship or anything Im in it just to get to be better friends with him, but my crazy brain keeps making me want him and I to be more than friends and just makes everything awkward. Even if he takes the whole thing and runs with it, and makes it more relationshipy I dont see him outing him self or me for that matter. Like neither of us seem like the type who are ready to come out high school. Ive gotta hand it to the dudes who do though...even the ones who are attention grabbers and annoy the crap out of me sometimes. I saw one of them the other day being called a fag by some people and later he looked pretty bummed and crying. I felt bad for him just cuz its not easy to be in high school and being openly gay like that must make it even more hellish. It has its benefits but I think the negatives out weigh the positives in their case.
Anyway crush and I are going no where fast. I cant find a way to get to him. Worse it sounds like hes gunna be gone all spring break and for a week after that at some volley ball camp thing. I just dont know what to do.
Spring break so do damn close I can feel it! You may hear from me, you may not. The reason why I say this is I ran into some guy on blogger who was all "if I dont post within 24 hours of my last post assume I am dead". Yea dont go thinking I am dead if I dont post for a day.
I dont have much more to say. Gotta get going, think good thoughts around 8:00pm PDT


  1. Do you have your crush on MSN or Facebook or something? Just message him and be like "lets hang out sometime". Totally casual. If something's gonna happen, I think you'll feel it. And you don't have to be out, or in a relationship even. Just let it be.
    Sucks about that kid though. I remember watching that kind of stuff in my school. Made me write a pretty angry article for our school paper, and that's how this whole thing started.
    Glad you won tonight! And Wendy's is OK, but McDonalds is better. Specially at 3am. Damn, I want McDonalds now...

  2. I know! Why dont they stay open longer? Idk why but there is something about our hockey team and wendy's and Denny's and then other various restaurants.

  3. Haha, it's only 3am here, McD's is still open, though it's drive through only, so I'd have to take a cab. which I did once.

  4. are you kidding? ours closes at 10pm drive through and all. A cab through a drive through, I love it!

  5. Madeleine- thats more responsible then me and my friend- one time my old roommate and i just walked there after a night out and hopped in a car with strangers- and then wound up going to another party with them lol

  6. Ok i just have to say that McDs soft serve icecream is amazingness in a cone! Sadly i never eat it though. Hope your game went great!

  7. @Jon
    Soft serve is the only way to go man! I love it.