Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My hockey epic

In addition to this I would like to mention that I just finished reading A Separate Peace today and I can easily say it is on my favorite book list now. It was fantastic! Bummer is I need to write an essay on it later. errrg

So I do still keep a pseudo journal that I will draw crap in and put magazine articles in, music notes, quotes, random thoughts, calenders, phone numbers, false phone numbers, there is a shoe lace in there, a steamed off beer label...etc. basically this thing has a bunch of random stuff in it and one thing is this on going hockey poem/epic thing I started writing a while ago. I figured I would show off my artsy side and put up the first half tonight. I remember I wrote this before a game, the whole thing is pretty epic and as far as I can tell it fits under that category of poem so its still unnamed but I think we can just call it Tyler's Hockey Epic.

Give me my skates
my stick
and a sheet of ice
two goals
a puck
and the world is right

toss in my friends
and their moms and dads.
so they can cheer for us
from the grand-stands

add a Zamboni
but forget the ref
or at least give us one
without a stick up his a--

Here we go
skating out on the ice
we play with our hearts
and all of our might

Top shelf
bottom shelf
five hole

Keep the clock running
and the score up tight
Keep it up boys
we're gunna win tonight
© 2010 by Tyler/hkydude17

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  1. Cool poem man! You can definitely feel your love of the game. maybe I'll post some of mine sometime.