Friday, March 12, 2010

another busy week ends!

The weekend is finally here! Im like a dead gel right now and I swear the only thing I can do is type. So I had a game wednesday and lots of homework then a long practice thursday and a ton of work again and because im crazy I put my work in front of my blog! Omg I know, how weird am I? So the game wasn't was good as anyone hoped it would be. Long story short we lost. BOOOO. in our defense It was pretty much right after school, the ice was crap, and...really we have no excuse we just sucked. We have great coaches and they want us to be great n all and last year they did just that but the start of the season is always crappy for us. I dont think im gunna do HS next year and just be on a traditional league that actually plays during winter and plays a bit more competitively more like AA stuff. Ive got some friends on a AAA travel team who want me to get on board with that and give that a shot but idk if I should just
cuz it kinda gets in the way...of everything. They love it but hate it at the same time and im sure I
will be the same way but I dont want to do something im going to regret and start hating, and that
will happen when my grades take a dip. They all do independent studies, it just sounds
way to confusing and weird. Not my cup of tea.
On another note. We have one more game then this massive multi week gap where only
practice will happen. Yet another reason I want to go for a rink league next year.
Today I got my nerdyness handed to me when someone walked into my 6th period with a paper that said Im wanted for academic decathlon. It made me laugh. Im gunna do it just cuz I can. One of my friends told me that I would "be totally 'beast' with all of the history and science" questions. The fact that my ability to answer questions could be called beastly made me laugh even harder. I dont ever think of my self as a incredibly smart person until something like this happens. Again im on that fine line where smart people think I must be dumb because im a "stupid jock" and where jocks think im too smart. I still try to be cool with everyone and usually I am but you cant please em all but thats not what im here to do now is it?
I also made another formspring (seems to be the cool thing to do). The reason why I say I made another is because I had one because everyone was getting them and puting them on their facebooks and I did the same, but now the secret world of gay athletes and their blogs is calling upon me to get yet another one. so here it is, so go ahead and ask me anything there and I will respond quickly.
Todays picture...hat trick ave in Eveleth, Minn. by the US Hockey Hall of Fame. I wanna go!
alright this boys off to rock n' skate
PS excuse all errors you may run into. like I said im just a gel and prolly using 1/100 of my energy and brain power right now.

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