Saturday, March 13, 2010

Star gazer, hockey player, or both?

How about all three?
So what the hell am I talking about? I will tell you. Well if you know hockey you should be well aware of Mark Messier...I mean hes only on the cup 6 times and played on the Racers along side Gretzky. Well anyway hes one of the better players (they say hes one of the best). He recently helped design a new more protective helmet that I recently bought after a friend raved about his for a week. I freaking love it, Its called the M11 it looks like this but M11 also
looks like this.

This fuzzy image is one of the 110 Messier objects we can see in the night sky. They are not named not after the hockey star but a star gazer named Charles Messier. Unfortunately M11 isn't the most exciting of the objects that can be anything from nebulas to galaxies or star clusters like M11. Click here to see them. They are pretty cool. They are all huge and far away and if your in the right place you can see them all with your naked eye however they look better through a telescope.

So far we have covered two of the 3 people, Mark Messier The hockey player, Charles Messier the star gazer, now im not gunna make you guess who gets to be called both cuz im sure you had an inkling it was me. Well yea, astronomy is one of the many crazy things I enjoy and I have always thought its kinda funny that both the sport and the hobby have famous Messiers in them. I remember when I was told about the M11 helmet the nerd inside my head took a mental note to look up what Messier object M11 was. I was pretty pissed to see it was just a star cluster to tell you the truth. I was hoping for a galaxy or nebula but no such luck. I really have been letting my nerdyness out in this blog and I really dont mean to. It just comes out because it cant anywhere else but here is my guess. I mean seriously, if my friend told me about Mark Messier's new helmet and I went off on him about star clusters...ehh..not cool y'know? Its weird, all the crap I cant express around friends but want to. I can just as easily post all the crap we talk about to each other but why? Ive already said it so why not put down all thats untold here eh?
Astronomy can be kinda cute too if you ask me. Out in the dark on a clear night, just you, who ever, and the planets and endless stars. You can sit back and chat for hours about anything you want while looking up at the sky. It gets pretty cold too so plenty of hugging to keep warm I suppose. Thanks mother nature.
Alright im out


  1. I like your nerdyness, it makes you more interesting. Star gazing would definitely make a perfect date. :)

  2. thanks for your HTML help, it worked!

  3. It sounds as if your friends don't share some of your passions. The word "nerd" implies that there is something wrong with your interest in astronomy, when of course there isn't. But people like to put other people into neat little boxes, such as "jock" or "nerd". Everyone is more complex than that. So maybe let your interest in astronomy out some - you never know who else might share your same interest.