Tuesday, March 16, 2010

in the words of Isoroku Yamamoto

"I fear I have awoken a sleeping dragon"
Or I have been told that I have at least.
Earlier today there was a nice earthquake, bigger than the one before that lots of people
It was a good 4.4, enough to wake a person sleeping soundly to wake up.
I woke up at the primary wave, thats the first jolt that hits just before the rest of the earthquake
arrives, and just as I looked at my clock, it started. It was like 4 in the morning andI was scared of
this one to tell you the truth. We are all waiting for "the big one" and at every earthquakes
start that
is what rolls through ones mind "is this gunna be it?" "is this the big one?" So It didnt really build
up, it was here and then gone. But I couldnt get back to bed cuz I was like "omg, what if it is just
a fore shock and the big un is coming latter?" I just stayed in bed all "shaken" waiting...
Anyway, there is more I need to say but it can wait, I need to get to bed so lets cover the
important stuff.
So a reader and fellow Hockey enthusiast HB9 felt the same quake and was awoken from
a sound sleep as I was. Rather than just calling it part of the experiences we share as crazy
Californians and getting on with life he has decided to say that my blog post on quakes
a while back has "awoke the sleeping dragons" and he is holding ME "personally responsible"
for both the quake and his early wake up call. So this is my personal apology.

Dearest California, both inhabitants and the state,
It has come to my attention that the "great" quake of 4am on the 16th of March the year of our
lord 2010 was entirely of my doing and that plate tectonics had nothing to do with it, it was
simply a ripple in the crust of our great earth caused by the words of me and me alone.
It has also been expressed to me that some of California's citizens were disturbed by said
quake and I would like to extend my deepest apologies to those who were and would like
to send thanks to those who were but chose to keep their mouths shut.
To the state of California, I would like to let you know that I respect the stress that is put
upon you everyday by your many faults however It would be appreciated if you do not release
this stress upon your inhabitants when you are reminded that said stress exists by idiotic
bloggers like my self. I believe I speak for California as a whole when I say. We would like
to live on a still, non rattling California, and that we would like it very much if you did not
toss us out of bed with quakes of any magnitude.
Thank you my fair state for your understanding and compliance, and thank you to the
hard working citizens for accepting my apologies for accidentally awakening California's
great faults. California, I wish you a peaceful sleep and I hope you will provide me with the
same every night for years to come.

Arent I cute when I get diplomatic? Tyler for governor!
So thats good enough eh? that aught to keep us safe for long enough and keep me
out of the line of blame.
At school they were all "OMG!! We gunna die! if an earthquake happens today!"
I was like "wow ray of sunshine" Speaking of sunshine! It hit 85 F aboot 29 degrees
C for our "Canadium" friends. Love it, Shorts and t-shirt and flip flop weather,
feels so good to hit the rink weather, so glad I play ice and not outdoor roller weather,
BEACH weather. Man its great but come sunday its gunna be like 60 degrees, and to me
thats like at least light jacket weather, when it gets to anything in the 50s I start wearing pants.
Seasons are only observed in Ca so we can exist with the rest of the USA they dont really
mean anything (seeing its in the 80s in what is still technically winter)
Alright, bed for me now!


  1. excuse the formating on this one. I was playing around with some new stuff and it got all screwy for some reason.

  2. Hey I am a Californian and I do not blame you. I blame the faults, the time between the last big one and now, Haiti (even though it was a little far away), Chile, Japan, and Taiwan. But you should know it is not your fault, although I think it will be this year that the big quake comes. So be ready.

  3. Ty-

    I think this will appease the dragon and hopefully there will be no more. You are off the hook! ;-)

    Enjoy the weather!

  4. I was in Pico Rivera when the 5.9 hit decades ago (waiting at a bus stop for school) and for the one in Northridge lived about 15 miles from the epicenter. I'm still in SoCal, but at this point, earthquakes don't bother me.

    The ring of fire's really going off, though - the whole area around the Pacific Rim, with all the volcanoes and earthquakes and such. Certainly seems like things are shifting around a little. It seems reasonable that there'll be a few more "big ones" and a lot more erupting volcanoes before it's all over.

  5. lol when i first opened this i was like "wtf how do i read this?" so i thought i'd copy paste the whole post on my type pad.
    but whoa, wut i'd do for an 80s temp rite now...

  6. @Joey
    Yea, sorry about that. I dont know what happened