Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Busy Brain

Alright, so I have discovered my brain can only handle so much stuff at once. Yea it can handle more than the average bear but it is reaching a tipping point and I need to let off some steam so I dont die!
I kept a journal once, I hated it only because of the writing, love typing though so blogger rocks. The support from people who actually get me helps too. Thanks to you all.
Okay so crush story comes first. So there is this dude in my french class and hes freaking adorable! people think hes crazy and jokes around but hes got some seriously good stuff going for him. He and I were talking on aim the other day about how he wants to go to cooking school and eventually be head chef of some restaurant. Anyone else would have shot that idea of his down but I know its something he wants to do. Hes talked about it before, in fact in class he brought it up and it only made people laugh. I told him about a cultural exchange program my dad did years ago when he was trying to become a chef and he seemed pretty stoked about it. He really wants to go. On to the more...for lack of a better word interesting part. He has been dropping hints to me that hes gay for quite some time. I go right along with it, I dont jump on it and be like SO AM I! I just keep talking to him to let him know im perhaps interested. Hes one of those kids who kids who can act as gay as he wants and have people still believe hes 100% straight. Hes not a flamer but he can can get away with hugs and...idk intimate hair fondling lol and the occasional butt grab (got one of those from him bout a month ago). Thats why im confused, like ill catch him checking me out in class or even out at lunch, but there is that possibility hes just mad doggin me. I dont act gay so idk why he keeps coming on to me. I think cuz ive showed no opposition to what his perceivable sexual preferences are. People know me as an indifferent person so its cool. If someone ran up to me and was all hey im gay im got gunna shoot them down for it. As far as he goes I want him to be gay, and I he can like me as much as he wants to, im not gunna put that down. He stares at me in class, I stare back. People just think were being funny but I only use that as a cover. I really want to stare at him and he seems to want to do the same with me all the time. I dont mind looking at him either. hes quite the stud if you ask me. The other day he seemed to tell me he was gay out right, he walked up to me after school, we spoke in french cuz were cool and he just tells me "J'aime les hommes" (I like men) and I was just kinda like ah good, nothing wrong with that and he just kinda smiled said bye and cruised away. Hes got some serious "swagger" its amazing. I haven't talked to him since then so Idk whats up. I remember liking him last year even like from the day I first met him I was like damn hes friggen awesome. He gave me lemonade once so thats cool. Im keeping an eye on this one.
Hello spring. Today is the vernal equinox and im sure some creepy pagan group somewhere sacrificed something yet I sacrifice nothing as im not a creeper. Nothing really being facebook and fast food (what I gave up for lent) but they are not a lamb so were good.
I flew today! I planned it like a week ago with this guy who lets me fly his planes and of corse today is like the shittyest day to go up, its all hazy and smoggy. It was like China smoggy I swear. So he told me a funny story while we were up, Taylor should get it.
So there is a pilot, hes new in the sky and hes all shaky and nervous in his little cessna putting around in the sky. Hes chatting with ground and they ask him to squawk his altitude so he looks at his altimeter and sees it reads that hes at 7,500 ft so he reaches over to his squawk box and punches in 7500. So he happily zips around for some time then he requests to return to and land at the air strip and he is granted permission to land so he goes through the paces and brings his plane down rubber side down and he proudly checks in with ground who tell him to go to a particular ramp. He goes on over and before he knows it his plane is surrounded by the FBI and guys with guns are shouting at him as he is drug from his plane and layed down on the ground and cuffed at gun point. Poor guy didnt know 7500 was the squawk for a hijacking and obviously didnt know how to squawk his altitude. To ground school with him! (after jail)
Alright as usual:
talk more later

love todays pic btw, check out that down wash. pretty sweet looking.


  1. hahaha that was a good story dude. Something similar actually happened to me in Oregon. We were pre-flighting the plane to leave in the early AM and noticed the weather was still crappy en route, so decided to wait it out an hour or two. We walk back in the FBO and are sitting in the pilots lounge when an employee and the airport fire capt walk in, asking if we were the owners of the canadian skyhawk out there. "yes..?" well you left the flaps down... "umm yea, and?" the guy grins and says didn't you know thats a sign that the aircraft has been hijacked? "NO?!" Our poor little cessna is chained down, empty, sitting on the tarmac.

    The guy understood and didn't make a big deal about it, but that's the first time we had heard of that one. Not an official rule but a good example of how local procedures can be really important! Now after we do our inspection at away airports we'll put the flaps back up :)

    sweet pic dude, those wing tip vorticies are unreal

  2. haha ur friend, talk about a tease eh? has the dude ever had a gf before that u kno of?

  3. Tyler, are you ready to do more with the crush? I mean, maybe you can mention a movie that you want to see and ask if he wants to go with you. It could be a date or just two friends seeing a movie. Then you can see what happens - legs or arms or hands touching in a dark theatre can happen and maybe go from there. It sounds like no one suspects either one of you as being gay, so you've got "cover."

  4. Crushes are always fun!! Hope things go well, please keep us updated on that :)

  5. @Taylor
    Lucky you didn't squawk and just left your flaps down. I have a feeling they went easy on you cuz they knew you were...a devious foreigner jk. They get pretty serious when it comes to stuff like that, generally the flaps down thing is kept a secret among americans though just so if the shit really hits the fan we have a last resort.

  6. @Joey
    I dont think hes ever had a girl friend but I still cant be 100% sure

  7. @green and purple
    Sounds like a plan. Hes told me outright before, "So when are we going on a date?" so It shouldn't be hard to get him to come along should I chose to take that path.

  8. hey tyler- sounds like its definitely worth keeping an eye on. and that you two have a few things in common. go for the movie date :-) and keep us posted

  9. Hey tyler i like how you said this in your profile - "Im not out and love a sport that hates me. Im surrounded by homophobic people most of the time but I play anyway for the love of the game" I especially like the part where you said you play anyway for the love of the game.

    I admire you!

    <3 RiK3

  10. @hb9
    Gotta muster up some courage before then though! Ugh. Like I know it would just be like a normal thing but it still feels like asking him out (well that is pretty much what im doing). Stressin out.

  11. @Rik3
    Thanks man. I appreciate it.