Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Shaken, not stirred

So my fears and wishes seem to be coming true. A few days ago there was a small jolt that was only felt around where I live. It was just below a 3.0 so not huge and was also pretty short. We started shaking and I just pulled the total native californian and sat through it then went back to bed. Like I said earlier if we have a bunch of small ones like that we should be fine. none of that 8.something stuff. Last year we had a few bigger ones but still no cause for panic one was a 5.something and I just kept doing homework as it rolled right through. We apparently have them all the time but we dont feel them because we are used to them so we only feel bigger ones. A lot of people who come to visit from out of state feel all the little ones because they arrent used to them.
What do they feel like? I am asked this a lot by people I know who dont live out here. I will try my best to describe it. A strong quake feels a bit like a boat as it starts out rocking back and fourth, it always goes in one direction never in several. it is shocking at first because it is unexpected then there is a second of panic as your brain figures out what goes on and you feel the helplessness of being in an unescapable situation then you get on with life as the quake finishes up and eventually ends a few seconds after it started. All of those several minute big shakers would be like hell in my opinion 15 seconds can feel like 15 minutes when you are being rocked pretty good. The shaking is not stiff its pretty smooth to start and only starts to stiffen up when your house and furniture have not returned from being like // to || yet. When I was a baby being brought home from the hospital (I was premature so I had to stick around for a while) the northridge earthquake happened and that caused some serious damage, it was like a 6.7. Ahh California I love ya please dont kill me!
Crap! this is very much a blog about earthquakes. Lets talk about more important things like last nights practice. In short it friggen ROCKED! I loved it (of course) It was a pretty intense workout but very fun. I dont know why but hockey makes me so giddy and I always feel my best when im playing. Even at practices that suck I still fell all happy. I enjoy loosing my self to the game (but not loosing the game) and getting to forget about life for an hour.
alright, I think I this can end now.


  1. don't jinx it. I don't want any big earthquakes!

    it's good to get lost on the ice and escape reality.

  2. @hb9
    yea. Im trying not to jinx it. I dont think anyone wants big earthquakes. Stay on the ice and keep yer mind off of it.

  3. lol yep i have a game tonight :-P