Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My life in french/cultural revolution

Oui je parle français. Mais pourquoi? Je ne sais pas. Yea im not gunna do that to you. Basically I lived in France for 3 months and thats where the français comes from. It was through a cultural exchange program and boy was that a fun 3 months. Im thinking of doing a longer one in Sr year. Prolly to Belgium though. Why Belgium? They speak slower...and I have relatives there. France is still freaking awesome though. So many people have crap against it but I believe this comes from the lack of cultural understanding in The United States. (here he goes) I am a firm believer (seince my fantastic european adventure that extended beyond France mind you) that the world will one day achieve this "world peace" we always hear about. However said peace can only be achieved though the teaching and understanding of other cultures. I think if we all understood each other better we would not hate each other so much. I love learning about new cultures. I want to understand them...ALL OF THEM! I want to show them what I as a person believe in and that just because my government says something that doesn't necessarily mean I think it true just as im sure they will want to show me the same. Im sure this will be harder to do in some places, easier in others but its the basic Idea. If we can understand what we are all faced with on a day to day I think we will all sympathize with each other an awful lot better. Up untill a few years ago I believed every person in the middle east was evil and out to get us. I was proved very wrong when I learned of the rich and diverse cultures that exist there and the devotion they all have to religion. By learning more about them I felt I had an understanding why SOME groups were against us but also that most people there (and around the world) are interested in us Americans. Through my own personal investigations I have been able to make my own decisions about people and cultures and not let the media affect the way I feel. I am a firm believer in achieving peace through understanding and I suggest you give it a try too. I have felt much better about the future, the world, and myself because of it.


  1. You are way mature for a 16 year old. Good for you for understanding that we must experience the world to understand it, and that peace comes through that.

  2. Parlez vous en francais, si vous plait. Je suis Canadien, nous aimons la France! (parfois) J'espère voyage là un jour. Mon mot préféré est parapluie. J'aime parler francais quand je suis dans le US, les gens me regardent drôle

    Bonne chance avec l'école de mon ami

    (mon francais est terrible)

  3. @Taylor

    hahahahah. Thats put a big smile on my face Taylor.
    for some reason I read it in that weird Stephen Harper voice les justucuers masques used when they called Sarkozy. J'ai appris un peu français d'être en France. mais maintenant je prends une classe à l'école.
    I love me some linguistics.
    Thanks for the well wishes mon ami.

  4. Boys, remember french accents are sexy