Wednesday, March 3, 2010

busy night (study coma)

Whoa! Busy night indeed. Tomorrow night will also be pretty busy cuz ive got two tests on friday to study for both are ap classes so mucho importante! Yea thats right im an ap nerd too and proud of it! Its cool, its college credit thats way cheaper than college and I can totally pull it off so why not eh? I also have a french test...I think tomorrow.
Oh crap. Alright im not crazy, keep that in mind. Im pretty even keel and easy going just very intense when it comes to
school and stuff.
Im sorry for even starting this craziness
its late and I have been studying, sleep is needed NOW!
For some reason I have fallen in love with the dodge charger, not the old ones that crazy
people drive but the new ones. It will prolly pass but for the time being im like on the edge of
obsession. Normally im not a fan of muscle cars and I just stick to my jeeps but that charger...Idk
something about it I like. I just like randomly saw one on the road the other day and was hooked somehow.
Ive never been a big car person period this just came out of the blue. Alright I need sleep so I dont
die tomorrow morning.
PS this was all written while in a tired study coma so forgive its awkwardness


  1. Hi Tyler.
    Just found your blog through one of your followers (can't remember which one.) I got started with this after reading Mikey's blog too, but several months before you. I didn't realize how many intelligent, thoughtful, nice, gay hockey players there were.

    I also live in California, near Sacramento. I didn't realize that there was high school hockey in California, since there isn't any around here to my knowledge, nor any rinks.

    Enjoying your blog.

  2. @green and purple

    Really, no rinks in Sacramento? I would have never expected that. We have tons around here. Im glad that we can help break stereotypes and make people feel better about them selfs. It sure has helped me feel better about my self knowing im not alone.