Friday, March 5, 2010


Check em out. Petey Mueller in his new avs jersey and Wolski in his new yotes jersey. Mueller for a while looked like he was gunna be cool with the yotes and stick around as a good player but no. This season he seemed to give up and has pretty much been begging to be traded out, and so here we were at trade deadline and there he and Porter go (off to the avs) and here comes Wojtek Wolski, significantly harder to pronounce than our good Minnesota born boy Petey. Outside of the double V'd polish name he looks like hes fitting in well, Doaner and him already are getting along well, he said he has always "admired his play and how hard he's always played". Hes gained a pretty good rapport with the team thus far so good for him!

Test day today! Test after test after test! UGH. Whap test went okay but it was freaking hard but I managed to slip by with a B. That was the only one I was sweating over so its all good.

Practice after a busy school day is always satisfying. Ive been trying to improve on a bunch of things and said things have been getting a whole lot better. I never wanted to be one of those people who makes lists to set goals but (un)fortunately that system somehow works for me. Ive managed to get my skating way better real quick. After being a forward for so long its hard to be back on the blue line for some reason. Its cool, I kinda like it.

I just read that back to my self and noticed that I may have ADD :P

Alright. Im off to go to a late night rock n' skate.



  1. Sorry to ask, but I don't know much about hockey. If you aren't a forward now, do you play defense? Glad to hear that you received a good grade on the worst of your tests.

  2. @green and purple

    Oh yea. Sorry I wasn't clear about that. Im on defense now.
    indeed good grades are always good news, thanks for sharing in the excitement!