Wednesday, March 31, 2010

family = ugh Hockey = hurrah!

Happy hump day and game day for me! Its a bit later tonight. Pretty stoked, hopefully we will win again. The coach has been trying to get us new sweaters so that will be cool. Rumor is we will be wearing them tonight. Pretty stoked.
So my dad has a new boss and at dinner we were talking about him. My dad thinks hes gay...and here it begins. So my dad found out this guys from a more consrervitive city and he was kinda open about being gay. Then my mom brings in her two cents and is all, oh how great it must be to be here where he can let his hair down. Oh especially with the theater and local arts and stuff.
Then some how the convo moved to texas. I think she said how awful it would be to be gay and live there. I decided to be bold and mention how it still is illegal to be gay there and that you can be arrested and fined. Then we moved to how its like its own country and I said its "written in its constitution that..."then my brother breaks in and is all "no fudge packers" the convo went down hill from there covered every gay stereotype in the book and ended what would have been a great dinner, with me secretly pissed and wanting to punch all of them.
I know I wont be able to come out to there faces. Im prolly gunna write a long letter and send it to them after im done with college. As for my brother Im prolly gunna just call him after the letter and be like "hey, Im gay. F--- you!" then hang up. No love loss there.
Im pretty ticked off right now actually. Good thing I have a game, I will try and blow off some of this steam there.
My mum always is like, hypothetically if you were happier with a man I think I would go along with that, but in reality im sure shes gonna freak out and disown me. Same with my dad, he will go on a rant about how much he resents his sons, blame it on my mom, then disown me.
my brothers opinion doesn't matter. Glad my family is so supportive!
Im the black sheep anyway, I almost dont care.
The devout catholics of either side will freak. I will make it clear in my long letter/novel that I do NOT want them to know but my mum will tell them anyway.
I like how im predicting something that is like 6 years away.

I answered a bunch of formspring stuffs so keep those Qs coming.

Still stoked for the game tonight! Gunna try to keep my gloves on but thats hard to do when you go onto the ice pissed. A well placed cross check may be enough for me idk.
Hockey always makes me happy regardless of what I do. This is why its the best sport in the world!

This didn't post when I thought it would have so im posing it now after the game!
We won btw!
It was pretty sweet. More later!


  1. dude wtf it illegal in texas???? thats so messed up. btw if u were tryin to schedule the post, u need to pick the time and hit publish for it to work

    congrats on the W tonight

  2. Your family might surprise you.
    But hey you could always move up here, plenty of hockey and gay rights!
    congrats on the win!