Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend...ends :(

Ugh. the weekend is over. its midnight and I should be sleeping but lets blog it up shall we?
So not a whole lot went on and thats great because all I really wanted to do this weekend was sleep. I had a pretty busy week and it was good to get some rest. Friday night I had practice and that went good. I went to another rink for more skating at a public skate thing with some friends. I think I already talked about this.
Saturday I met up with some friends at a cafe/restaurant and we hung around there all day eating and talking. It was great, I felt like those crazy kids in the videos they show us in french class of kids eating in cafes avec leurs amis. Yea I take french got a problem with that? I already know spanish so why not. It was that Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, any of the three I would not mind knowing I just couldn't imagine using them other than to creep out my buds when we go to china town, little tokyo, or ktown (depending on the language). After that I got picked up by another friend of mine and we went to see a hockey game. Im totally crushing on this kid too so that only made the night better.
Sunday I woke up later than usual and felt great and like crap at the same time. To describe that feeling to you:
Imagine walking down a city road on a nice warm day, you get hit by a bus and are out long enough for them to take you to the hospital where you get rest and a deep tissue massage then take you home and put you in your own bed, give you another massage, then wake you up by hitting you over the head with a shovel.
Took a shower and that was pretty much my morning. Went to my guitar lesson in the afternoon and had a pretty good "jam session". Came home, rested some. I woke up to a phone call, who calls people now anyway? Texting all the way! Well it was from a teammate who I guess would have found telling me that he was at the rink through text would have been too informal. Seriously thats all he wanted to say. So I went down (out of pitty...jk) and spent some time there just messing around. Then came back home and got ready to go back out to an oscar party at somebody's house.
So this week we have a few games so pretty excited. A few new players are coming on today I guess (monday).
Crap its 1. Why I have staying up I dont know. Parents blame hormones because thats the excuse for everything when your a teenager. Its weird because im tired but manage to keep doing stuff and not get to that point where you NEED to sleep. Like right now Im only going to bed because I have school tomorrow and need to be alive for that. Well I have tomorrow period and I need to be alive for that.
good night, good morning, good day.
Never did explan todays picture...Do I need to? Its Wendel Clark A lot of people say that he is bad...a lot of people have alot to say. I will talk about this later when its not 1:07AM


  1. major props for giving Wendel Clark some love. Leafs may suck now (still love them) but lets not forget how awesome they used to be.

  2. @Madeleine

    Oh man gotta love Wendel. Ive got a poster of him somewhere. Sundin was another good leaf. What happened? The last time they won the cup was in 1967 if they really are waiting for Halleys comet they will need to wait till 2061, thats 94 years! Good luck.

  3. I know, it's painful, but hey, there are longer losing streaks, even in hockey. love sundin, and we treated him like crap. my other fave leafs would be doug gilmour and dave keon.